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What if the bathroom glass door is dirty?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-02-02
Glass door because of high transmittance, stained with a little dust or stains will be very obvious, so bathroom glass door clean very good at ordinary times more attention, timely clean-up.
flat glass
   How to remove oil from the glass door
If the bathroom glass door accidentally stained oily, with plastic wrap and wet cloth can make the glass door smooth as new. First, you run into cleaners on the glass doors of the bathroom, especially where the grease is attached. After the cleaning agent, the preservation film affixed to the greasy spot, the purpose is to make the solidification of the glass door on the grease softening, easier to clean. After about 10 minutes, tear away the fresh film, with spray detergent wet cloth wipe clean.
There is no detergent at home for the time being, you can also use tea instead. But with a cloth dipped in tea cleaning, especially when cleaning the mirror, pay attention not to use tea to seep into the edge of the mirror and back, side damage mirror on the back of the coating.
   Second, how to remove the glass door scale
Mix the vinegar and salt to make the detergent. Mix vinegar and salt and wet the place with scale, and wipe the glass with a dry cloth for 10 minutes. Some friends will scrub with a brush when cleaning, think this can clean quickly and thoroughly. It is not, especially the wool is more hard brush, glass easily scratched. Cracks in the glass door will increase the chance of self explosion. Worry about dry cloth wipe not clean, you can use toothpaste will bathroom glass door has scale part of spraying, then choose soft hair Toothbrush scrub, and then rinse with warm water.
   Iii. How to remove the watermark on the glass door
As a result of the shower on the bathroom glass door on the mirror for a long time contact with water vapor, it is likely to leave a more blurred watermark. Watermark is not heavy, but direct wipe and easy to get flowers mirror, how to do? Choose Spray Type Detergent. Spray the cleanser on the glass door with a large "X" shape and rub it back and forth in one direction with a clean dry rag. Wait until the seven points dry, in a rag wipe again.