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What is a good glass glue

Fanyu 2018-09-29 09:33:22

How to distinguish whether it is a good glass glue, you can follow the following points:

1. Smell the smell, especially suitable for acid glue: because the acid gel contains certain acetic acid components, there will be acidity in the volatilization process. Generally, the better the quality, the less acetic acid is added, the acidity is lighter, and the sourness disappears quickly in the process of curing the gel; the worse the quality, the stronger the acidity of the gum and the longer the volatilization time.

2, look at the gloss: different quality of the glue after the gloss is not the same, regardless of the color, generally good glass glue after curing, the gloss is stronger, and the inferior glue is cured after a month or two, even It’s dull when you hit it out.

3. See if there are any particles: The high-quality glass glue is fully and evenly stirred, the texture is fine and uniform, smooth and smooth after curing, and the poorer the quality of the glass glue, the more particles and impurities are visible, the surface of the strip is not as good after curing. The good quality glue is smooth and flat.

4, look at the bubble when the glue is applied: goodglassThe main component of the glue is silicone, and other additives are used in very small amounts. The high-purity silicone has good stability and is less affected by changes in external conditions during the storage period. When the glue is applied, there is no phenomenon of "squeaky" or "squeaky" sound when the bottle is mixed with air. The ordinary silicone glue is not 100% silicone glue. The additives in the silica gel and the PE soft rubber in the rubber bottle may cause a chemical reaction, which makes the rubber bottle swell and increase, and the air remaining in the space penetrates into the glue. A void is created, and when the glue is applied, a "beep, 啪" bubble sound is emitted, which shortens the shelf life.

5, test the curing effect: after the local sizing, first check the dry time of the glass glue in combination with the instructions on the product packaging, if the time is too short or too much timeout, it indicates that the quality of the glass glue is problematic (of course, the environment should also be considered The effect of the condition); then according to the curing time indicated by the manufacturer, after the completion of the curing, try to test the hardness and elasticity of the rubber by hand. The rubber that is too hard or too soft is not good glue; Whether the curing effect on the outer side is consistent, such as consistent, even inside and outside, the square is good glue.

Glass glue

6, look at the rubber tension and adhesion: silicone rubber after the tensile strength and peel strength, which is often said that the adhesion will also vary with the quality of the silica gel. Generally, the high-quality rubber has a strong tensile force, a large stretching range, and a high peeling strength, and the glue is less likely to fall off, and the warranty period is long.