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What material is the heat reflective glass made of?

Fanyu 2018-08-23 14:03:38
Heat-reflecting glass is a flat glass with high heat-reflecting ability and good light transmission. It is coated with gold, silver and copper on the surface of the glass by pyrolysis, vacuum evaporation, cathode sputtering, etc. A metal or metal oxide film such as aluminum, chromium, nickel or iron, or an ion exchange method using an electro-floating method, which replaces the original ions of the surface layer of the glass with a metal ion to form a heat-reflecting film.
Low-E Glass

Heat-reflecting glass, also known as mirror glass, is available in gold, tan, gray, purple, brown, bronze, and light blue. The heat reflection rate of the heat-reflecting glass is high. For example, the total reflection heat of the 6 mm thick float glass is only 16%. Under the same conditions, the total heat of reflection of the heat-absorbing glass is 40%, and the heat-reflecting glass can be as high as 61%. It is made of insulating glass or laminated glass to increase its thermal insulation properties. The metal-coated heat-reflecting glass also has the function of unidirectional through-image, that is, the outdoor scene can be seen indoors during the day, and the indoor scene is not seen outdoors.