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What to do with water vapor in the double glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-06-19
With the improvement of people's living standards, many families will choose to install double-glazing in the home improvement. It has better sound insulation and thermal insulation than ordinary glass. However, after a period of use, many users have noticed that water vapor is trapped in the middle of double glass. The phenomenon appears to be very annoying and directly affects the family's line of sight. Why does this happen? What to do if there is water vapor in the double glass? Let's learn about this right now.
The1. Why is there water vapor in the middle of double glass?
Let's take a look at the next double layerglassThe component, which is composed of two or more pieces of glass sandwiched by aluminum spacers. The aluminum spacers use molecular sieves, and the outer edges are sealed with a sealant. If it is not sealed when it is manufactured, or if it is missing, the phenomenon of water vapor will occur, and it will not be wiped off when the glass is rubbed. However, when the weather warms up, the fog will disappear and disappear naturally. Will appear again. If you enter the dust, it will have a great impact on its lighting and aesthetics.
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TheSecond, how to do with water vapor in the double glass
1, first look at what causes double glass fog, if the glass cracking into the water, you need to re-install the glass. Very good looking professional construction staff.
2. If the installation process of the double glazing is not good, the sealant cracks and the water vapor enters the double-glazed window. As the temperature rises, the vapor evaporates when the double-glazed window contacts. The phenomenon of small water droplets requires the installation of glass gaskets on double glass. It is to remove the original septum, and then re-install the septum, but pay special attention to the location of the septum must ensure a certain distance, so that the edge of the glass window is maintained at about 2-mm. Pay special attention to the installation of glass windows, the middle of the septum can not be stained with water, so as not to affect the installation quality of double glass.
3, if the water vapor phenomenon caused by the temperature difference, it is recommended to open the window ventilation, so that the temperature difference is not too much, until the glass vapor and then close the window.
4, if the installation time is not long, you can ask a professional chef to open the glass, and then use the diluted amount of hydrofluoric acid cleaning, do it again hollow treatment.
5. If the water mist is for a long time, it means that the double glass has deteriorated and cannot be cleaned. Only new insulating glass can be replaced.