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Where do I need a film?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-10-18

Glass film is not unfamiliar to everyone, glass film covers automotive glass film and architectural glass film. For car glass film, everyone knows relatively well. What about building glass film? There are not many people who know how to build glass film. What changes can we bring to our quality of life and office environment? Let's take a look!

building glass

The application of architectural glass film covers three categories:

1. Glass film for homes:

The glass film of the home is generally used in floor-to-ceiling windows, sun room, bathroom, shower room, glass dining table, etc., floor-to-ceiling windows and sun room applications.Construction GlassThe film is mainly used for shading, UV protection, heat insulation, energy saving and anti-glare; the glass film for bathroom and shower room and glass table application is mainly for explosion protection and privacy protection.

2. Commercial glass film:

This application is widely used, such as the insulation of building glass curtain wall, energy saving, discoloration, renovation of old glass and new glass, changing the original glass color, etc., can be used in government buildings, shopping malls, entertainment venues, office buildings, etc.

3. Glass partition film:

It is mainly used for glass partitions in office buildings or government offices. The architectural glass film is mainly frosted film, carved hollow logo or company name, inkjet color logo anti-collision strip or company name; the role is to ensure the privacy of the office. And the beauty of the overall office environment.