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Why is the shower room not clean? Try these 6 ways.

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-11-17
The use of glass doors to separate the wet and dry areas in the bathroom is a common practice today. However, the glass in the shower room is easily contaminated with stains and scales is also a headache. Gently wipe off stubborn stains, the method is not easy to scrape glass. So how to easily remove scale without hurting the glass?
Degree of stubborn stains: ★★★★★
   Water + vinegar + salt
If your shower room glass scale is yellow or even black, it is difficult to remove stubborn stains. can use 50% of the vinegar to 50% of the water, add a little salt, mixed into a solution, sprayed on the glass door. Wait 10--15 minutes, wipe with dry cloth, stains can be cleared. or directly immersed in the towel solution, 5 minutes later screwed into a half dry, wiping glass door, the effect is immediate.
bathroom glass
Degree of stubborn stains: ★★★★
Alcohol + newspaper
If the scale on the glass door is white or light yellow, the stain contamination degree is moderate. Can use the useless old newspaper to wipe, because the newspaper ink has the good adsorption function. Before using the old newspaper, pour 75% alcohol into the watering pot (the 95% concentration alcohol needs to be diluted),GlassSpray the stain, then fold the old newspaper to wipe the glass, the glass immediately ' as new.
Degree of stubborn stains: ★★★
   Tea + fresh-keeping film
If your shower room scales or stains into a white lump or granular shape, the stain is moderately mild, especially in the bathroom near the kitchen. At this point, you need to use a fresh film affixed to the glass door stains, quiet for 10 minutes, so that the solidification of the white particles on the glass door softening, and then tear off the cling film. Use a towel to dip strong tea (the best overnight tea) wipe clean, stains disappear.
Degree of stubborn stains: ★★
   toothpaste/lemon water spike
If the shower room glass appears white or light white watermark, the degree of stain is lighter. At this point just a little toothpaste on the watermark, wet cloth wipe, clean water can be washed, or lemon slices of water poured into the watering pot, and then the lemonade to the glass door spray a large "x"-shaped, along the "X"-shaped direction repeatedly wipe, to be seven minutes dry, with warm water scrub, glass door is clean as ever.
Degree of stubborn stains: ★
   Soap + gauze
In the case of glass water scale lighter, can be the bathroom remaining soap head wrapped in gauze or old stockings, and then to the glass dirt place wipe, finally with warm water cleaning, dry cloth dry, shower room is bright white as new, not easy to contaminate the water vapor.
Degree of stubborn stains: ☆
   Glass scraping device
For each bath after the mist and water vapor stained glass door durable situation, you can choose the glass scraper. Before the water vapor is converted into scale, it will be removed, after the bath scraping glass, simple and affordable.
   Do not use hard brushes
Some people wash the shower room with a brush or even a wire, which is the wrong way to clean it up more quickly and thoroughly. Because the stiff brush or steel wire is very easy to scratch the glass, so that the glass cracks, increase the chance of the shower room explosion. If you encounter a more stubborn scale, you can use a soft brush (such as a toothbrush) to gently wipe.
   Free use of detergent
Many cleaning agents in the market have corrosive effect, many people directly to the glass spraying detergent, did not pay attention to meet their own shower room stain degree, thereby damaging the glass door. In addition, cleaning agent dripping shower room hardware small parts, direct corrosion of metal surface. So, clean the shower room water dirt, or use as above 6 methods better.
   Daily Maintenance method
Scale is the result of the glass attached to the water droplets in the process of evaporation of insoluble calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate and other minerals precipitate down to form. The bathroom is more serious damp, the glass is very easy to birth scale, to shower room often keep bright clean such as new, not easy to raw water and stains, daily maintenance to do well.