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Insulating glass production process and points

Fanyu Https:// 2019-05-17 16:30:13

Some friends who are concerned about the glass industry may often hear people mention insulating glass. We often come across all kinds of glass materials, but because many people don't know enough about the glass industry, they have a variety of problems around it. In order to help you better understand the advantages of insulating glass, the process and main points of insulating glass production, we have compiled this article, hoping to help.

1. What are the advantages of insulating glass?

1 large energy saving effect

High performanceInsulating glassBecause of a special metal film, the 0.22-0.49 shielding factor can be achieved, which reduces the load on the indoor air conditioner (air-conditioning). The heat transfer coefficient is 1.4-2.8W (m2.K), which is better than ordinary insulating glass. It also exerts great efficiency in reducing the indoor heating load. Therefore, the larger the window is opened, the more obvious the energy saving effect is.

2 improve the indoor environment

High-performance insulating glass can intercept the considerable energy emitted by the sun into the room, thus preventing the discomfort caused by radiant heat and reducing the dizziness caused by the evening sun.

3 rich colors and artistic

High-performance insulating glass has a variety of colors, and can be used according to the needs to achieve a more ideal artistic effect.

Second, the production process and key points of insulating glass

1, glass cleaning

Cleaning glass is the primary link in the production of insulating glass, and it is also one of the important links to ensure the sealing of insulating glass. If the oil stagnation and sweat on the glass cannot be thoroughly cleaned, the adhesion of the sealing glue to the glass will be greatly weakened. Reduce the sealing effect of the insulating glass. It should be emphasized that the conditions considered by us to select the desiccant, sealant and spacer are based on the premise that the glass is cleaned, and the sealing of the insulating glass is to a considerable extent Whether the cleaning is clean or not, the cleaning of the glass is the main measure of the quality of the appearance. However, in practice, people often pay insufficient attention to cleaning the glass and must correct it.

2, the choice of desiccant

The role of the desiccant is mainly three: adsorption of moisture in the air; adsorption of volatile organic solvents and adsorption of water vapor into the air layer during the life of the insulating glass. The purpose is to maintain a satisfactory initial dew point of the insulating glass, therefore, The condition for selecting an appropriate desiccant is that it must simultaneously satisfy the three functions that the desiccant should have. If the desiccant has poor adsorption capacity, it cannot effectively adsorb the moisture that diffuses into the air layer, causing moisture to accumulate in the air layer. When the water pressure is increased and the dew point of the insulating glass is increased, the possibility of atomization is extremely great. In addition, the desiccant must be considered in consideration of their respective properties. The choice of desiccant is directly related to the selected hollow glass glue. Consider it together.

The edge of the insulating glass fails to seal, which means that the window loses its proper function. Not only does the design of the window not achieve the energy-saving performance, but the consumer can not see the outside through the layer of misty air, affecting the transparency of the insulating glass and reducing it. Insulation effect, long-term fogging will cause mildew or alkali precipitation on the inner surface of the glass, resulting in white shift, which seriously affects the appearance quality of the insulating glass. It can be seen that the selection of high quality insulating glass sealant is to prevent hollow glass mist. The key to the selection. The selected insulating glass sealant should meet the requirements of national or industry standards, and the first and second sealants of the double-pass insulating glass should be suitable and not mutually soluble or reactive, otherwise visitors can cause contamination of the glass surface, even Ageing.

3, double-channel insulating glass coating - splicing - coating

The splicing is the middle ring of the double-channel insulating glass, and the coating of the butyl rubber in front of the film determines the overall quality of the insulating glass. Therefore, the production process should be strictly controlled during production to prevent leakage coating and gel breaking. For the negligence of the seal, there must be no hidden danger of air leakage. When the first tube of the seal is sealed and the second sealant is applied after the sheet is combined, the reasonable proportion of the two parts is mixed according to the manufacturer's regulations, and the two parts are fully mixed. Accurate, avoid under-gluing and multi-glue phenomenon, and successfully complete the process of double-pass insulating glass. If there is a gap between the two sealants, it will cause air leakage, and at the same time, pay attention to the application of the thin second sealant. After using for a period of time, due to the change of ambient temperature and the wind pressure of the sun, the sealant will form cracks (even if there are very small cracks), and the water vapor may slowly enter the glue layer to form atomization. Loss its sealing and lose its sealing effect.

The double-pass hollow glass produced needs a parking period of about one week, so that the double-channel insulating glass sealant has sufficient time for chemical bonding to achieve a sealed state. If the parking period is too short, the sealant does not have sufficient time to bond. Handling, vibration, sun exposure, especially rain, the sealing effect of the sealant will be greatly reduced. In severe cases, fogging will occur in a short period of time.

4. Assembly of insulating glass

When assembling insulating glass, if the insulating glass sealant is in contact with other sealing materials (especially the curtain wall weatherproof sealant), and these sealing materials contain plasticizing components capable of dissolving butyl sealant, these plasticized components will pass through the hollow The second seal of the glass migrates to the surface of the sealant of the insulating glass, and then dissolves a sealant to cause thinning, runny, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the corresponding compatibility test when assembling the insulating glass, and the seal is selected with the insulating glass. It is recommended to use the sealing material of the same manufacturer to reduce the occurrence of such phenomena.

insulating glass

In short, solving the problem depends on each factor, reducing and eliminating fogging, which requires these links to be combined.