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2018 Glass Price emboldened enough?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2018-01-05
Looking forward to 2018, with the end of the rush period, downstream construction needs will be back into the off-season, the later market inventory will increase accordingly. In the Shahe region after a substantial reduction in production, the current national actual capacity utilization of about 79%, and in the current production line of manufacturers to see, next year there will be more than 10 production lines to put into production, coupled with higher profits and the cost of cold repair greatly increased, the manufacturers for large-scale production of cold repair probability is very small, As a result, we expect next year's glass capacity will remain stable at high levels, cost, due to future glass capacity will remain stable high, the demand for soda can be sustained, so its limited space below, and in the heating season after the coal and petroleum coke and other fuels part of the cost or face a larger decline, The production profit of Glass will increase further; from the demand side, the future performance will be weaker than the same period 2017, one is mainly the demand for architectural glass has a decline in space, and the automobile and export increment is relatively limited and the proportion of small, The second is from the policy direction of tightening and overall monetary environment will have a greater impact on the future of the entire construction industry. Therefore, in the long run, the low value-added glass demand overall weakening pattern is difficult to change, in the glass industry within the framework of the opportunity to focus on some time period of the supply side contraction and product structure upgrade.
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