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7 Solutions for Glass decoration

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-05-09
tempered glass
  Metals and glasses are often referred to as two major techniques of modern design. And glass is the main material to achieve transparency.

  Plan One: Use the glass to construct the porch, is a more clever design, both spaced out a certain area of the Xuan, and not completely separated from the space, and thus retain a part of the permeability, the main characteristics of glass are fully presented, transparent, bright, at the same time to ensure that the porch is sufficient daylighting.

  Programme 2: The kitchen and living room is open or closed, a matter of opinion, but if you try to separate the two functional spaces with glass, it is undoubtedly good to reconcile the open and closed problems, the transparent form of glass open the pattern, really realize the "partition" that separated and constantly mood.

  Scenario 3: Transparent bathroom. The main bedroom is private space, but if the room in the bathroom with glass surrounded, not only enlarged the master bedroom space sense, and in private space to create a desire to say the atmosphere of Hugh.

  Plan IV: Use Glass to make ground material, use in the stairs or upstairs of the duplex building, the effect is very special, let people a little worried, a little surprise, so as to achieve the purpose of the design.

  Programme 5: Enrich the artistic effect of home. For example, in one case, the blue pendant with the skylight inlaid with the yellow glass, let the room produced a lively jump rhythm.

  Plan 6: Glass, crystal clear, metal, heavy fortitude, for the light of the glass back a solid fulcrum. With white, gray, or silver metal and art glass, made chic decoration partition, put at home, very consistent with the popular "space" feeling.

  Plan 7: Don't look at the small glass decorations. A transparent glass vase, a glass lamp, a glass candlestick, are the masters of Exquisite Life Witness, by such a brisk, crystal layout space, the home of a few more natural reiki. Just this time to specially attentively cloth light, it is best to let the auxiliary light from the glass decoration, thereby highlighting the sensitivity and elegance of glass.
tempered glass