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The shower room with what material good

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-05-09
  Now people decorate to the bathroom equipment requirements more and more high, everyone needs to have a separate bathroom, but because of the limited bathroom space, bathroom equipment and sanitary ware in one room. The shower room can be designed in the interior corner, forming a separate shower space and realizing dry-wet separation. The next global glass mesh for everyone to introduce the shower room what material good and shower room glass cleaning skills.

   Shower room What material is good

  1, moistureproof Board

  Moistureproof board is also called Melamine board, the use of multi-layer fiber material, after phenolic resin soaked, and then by high temperature and high-pressure system, is very suitable for humid environment, mainly because of moisture-proof board by wood fiber plus special moisture-proof agent, so that the cross-section of water swelling is very low, is the choice of sanitary decoration materials.

  2, PVC board

  The current market of shower room materials varied, PVC board is one of the PVC board with waterproof, insulation, sound insulation, flame retardant and other characteristics, and processing performance is very superior, is the timber, aluminum, composite panels and other materials ideal substitute.

  3, Tempered Glass

  With tempered glass to make shower room, can improve the strength of the shower room, the glass surface form pressure, and the glass under external forces first offset the surface stresses, thereby improving the bearing capacity, enhance the glass itself to resist wind pressure, the thermal performance, impact and so on.

  4, Metallic materials

  Metal-made shower room is very common, the advantages of a lot of metallic materials, with energy-saving, easy installation, waterproof, not easy to deformation, high strength characteristics, even by the external forces of the impact, but also can keep its shape is not easy to change.

   Shower room Glass Cleaning tips

  1, can be stained with dishcloth shampoo to scrub shower room glass, this can make the shower room glass clean and bright.

  2, gypsum powder coated in the shower room glass, the glass after drying, directly with a dishcloth scrub, can remove stains, wipe the glass dry.

  3, for the corner of the glass door stains, cleaning can be used with vinegar and water and then sprayed on the glass, and then use the old newspaper gently wipe.
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