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Advantages and disadvantages of glass curtain wall

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-21
  1, the advantages of glass curtain wall

  Glass curtain wall building aesthetics, function, building energy efficiency and structural factors such as the organic unity of the building takes on a different hue from different angles, changing with the light gives a dynamic beauty.

  Reflective insulating glass thickness 6 mm, weight approximately 50kg\/square meters of wall surface, lightness, beauty, not pollution, energy conservation and so on. Outer glass curtain wall and views of the surrounding environment into the sky, light changes, the image colors, infinitely variable. In the reflection of light, indoor exposure to strong light, vision and soft.

  Absorbs infrared to reduce incoming solar radiation and reduce indoor temperatures. It can reflect light like a mirror and glass-like through the light.

  2, the disadvantage of glass curtain wall

  Light pollution: large-area use of glass curtain wall will form a serious light pollution.

  Sound insulation:Tempered glassIn terms of noise reduction effect is poor.

  Security: after installation of glass fracture \"explosion\" phenomena, maulings occurred.

  Life expectancy: a shorter warranty period, replacement is often a waste of resources, and does not change its potential risk factors are increasing.

  Poor fire: glass curtain wall is not burning, but it can melt or soften, broken glass will occur for a short time in the fire.

  3, selection of glass curtain wall

  Should be complete and detailed drawings, expressions should be standardized. Curtain wall design of rainwater seepage prevention performance measures should be taken. Glass curtain walls should be set insulation pads at different metal contact (typically thickness LMM) or other anti-corrosion measures insulation not less than the size of the contact area to ensure direct contact with aluminum columns with various steel connectors, flexible gaskets for column and beam at the contact should be set.