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Glass life cycle

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-25
The chemical composition of the glass is very stable, in the natural state of the glass will not be affected by the impact of sun and rain and performance degradation; ordinary acid on the glass and can not cause harm. Under normal circumstances, there are two conditions that affect the life of the glass, one is wet and one is high.

The following are the same as the "The life of ordinary glass

Persistent humid air can make the glass mold, but at room temperature, the temperature of the glass mold is very slow, usually takes a few months time, in the normal use of the environment rarely have a few months of humid air, Because the glass exposed to the air is not mildew. General glass moldy occurs in the glass overlap storage process, the glass in the wet warehouse or open dumping rain is more prone to mildew. In general, there is no steel of the original piece of glass than the tempered glass is easier to mold.

Regardless of the thermal cracking factor, temperatures of 300 ° C have no effect on glass life and chemical stability. But above 300 ℃, with the temperature rise, the physical and chemical properties of glass will change with the temperature. From the physical nature, the general glass in about 600 degrees began to soften. From the chemical nature of the temperature rise will cause the glass within the crystallization phenomenon, so that the glass gradually from the transparent to the fuzzy change. In the case of 700 ° C, the process of glass crystallization loss of transparency takes several days, while in the case of 300 ° C you need a few months or even years. At room temperature in the case of glass crystallization of the situation may be vague for thousands of years, because you can not consider.

The following are the same as the "Tempered glass life

Physical steel is heated and then quenching the glass, the change is boil internal molecules and molecules between the structure; chemical steel is used at high temperatures on the surface of the glass surface of the ion exchange; these two methods are permanently changed the glass material Of the microstructure. Therefore, unless there is a high temperature and strong chemical effect, in the case of normal use of the characteristics of the steel will not change over time due to attenuation or change.

The following are the same as the "Life of insulating glass

The following are the same as the "Insulating glassIs a combination of glass substrate, spacer box (aluminum bar), desiccant (molecular sieve), sealing material (butyl rubber, polysulfide or structural adhesive). In the composition of the insulating glass, the glass and the aluminum frame are usually very stable, and the life of the insulating glass depends on the life of the molecular sieve and the sealing material.

In the composition of the insulating glass system, the glass is very stable. The earliest China's glass enterprises with reference to the US standard gives a 10-year warranty concept; in the hollow glass national standards, put forward the "life expectancy of hollow glass should be greater than 15 years" concept. For already installed on the wall of the insulating glass, a relatively simple measure is to measure the dew point or compartment air humidity.