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Advantages and disadvantages of solar tempered glass

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-25
Solar tempered glass is also known as solar safety glasses.
Solar glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass, in order to improve the strength of glass, usually using chemical or physical methods, on the glass surface to form compressive stress, glass under the external force of the first offset surface stress, thereby improving the load-bearing capacity, enhance the glass itself against wind pressure, and the impact of the resistance
SolarGlassThe main advantages of this article are two:
The first is that the strength is several times higher than the ordinary glass, the flexural strength is $number times of the ordinary glass, the impact strength is the ordinary glass $number times, enhances the strength and enhances the security.
The second is the use of security, its capacity to improve the fragile nature, even if the destruction of solar tempered glass is not sharp-angle small fragments, the damage to the human body greatly reduced. The heat resistance of solar tempered glass is $number times higher than that of ordinary glass, which can withstand the change of temperature difference of more than 150LC, and has obvious effect on preventing thermal burst.
   Disadvantages of solar tempered glass:
1, tempered glass can no longer be cut, and processing, only in the tempered glass before the processing to the needs of the shape, and then tempered treatment.
2. Although the strength of solar tempered glass is stronger than that of ordinary glasses, the possibility of self detonation (rupture) of solar tempered glass when the temperature difference varies greatly is not possible.