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Advantages of soundproof Windows

fanyumaoyi 2017-01-09 15:45:01
  Soundproof glass window other than the noise, other advantages, may rarely be found. Sound-proof Windows can effectively soundproof the advantages, there is insulation, fire and so on merits. Small series and today to introduce the advantages of noise reduction Windows.
  1. glazed (Laminated glass), Using the universal spacecraft of double insulation technology for Windows. Not crushed, not splash wounding and causing other damage. Golf clubs, baseball bats and bricks are not worn, and can also withstand small explosions shock, let 18kg/square meters of glass materials.
  2. soundproof glass of the film as an intermediate membrane with two layers of glass with a special processing. Is a very high scientific and technological content of new environment-friendly products.
  3. glazed Windows profiles made of quality high strength aluminium profiles for industrial use, surface using electrostatic spraying, the appearance of luxurious and durable. In strict accordance with the People's Republic of China National Standard (GB/T5237.4-2000) to ensure that the 10 years do not fade, do not fall off.
  4. glazed Windows Add a PVC airtight new additives and uses the new technology of soft and hard compound formation, good elasticity, scale variant small dress up easy, natural temperature can be applied.
  5, block UV rays: can block 99% from the Sun's ultraviolet radiation harmful to human skin. Effectively prevent furniture from fading and deterioration.
  6, light transmittance: glass crystal clear, elegant and generous.
  7, confidential performance: good top secret is a good way to protect your personal and family privacy, preventing eavesdropping.
  8, insulation performance: laminated glass has good insulation properties, can reduce winter heating of rooms, room air conditioners in the summer heat exchange with the environment, so as to achieve energy-saving effect.
laminated glass
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