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Analysis of the causes of falling off glass curtain wall

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-11-12

As a new type of building wall, glass curtain wall not only can isolate wind and rain, control indoor cold, heat, light and sound, and its appearance is novel and unique, crystal clear and transparent, full of the atmosphere of the times, and is deeply favored by architects and ordinary people. Glass curtain wall has been introduced to China since the 1980s, and it has a history of nearly 30 years. According to incomplete statistics, the area of ​​China's glass curtain wall has exceeded 200 million square meters, accounting for more than 80% of the world's curtain wall area. About 80% of the new high-rise buildings are all or partially covered with glass curtain walls.

Insulating Glass

The hidden frame glass curtain wall refers to a frame-supporting glass curtain wall whose panel material is glass and the metal frame member is not exposed on the outer surface of the panel at all. The hidden frame glass curtain wall is one of the basic curtain wall forms used in the curtain wall. The hidden frame glass curtain wall is completely protected by the outer structure of the glass, and the glass plate is completely bonded to the aluminum alloy profile by the silicone structural adhesive. Once the silicone structural adhesive is embrittled, aged or not bonded to the glass or aluminum profile, it is easy to cause the accident of the glass plate falling off, which seriously affects the national property and people's life safety. In addition to glass self-explosion, improper design, etc., non-standard selection of materials, non-standard construction of unqualified enterprises, premature aging of silicone structural adhesives, etc. are the main reasons for the current decline of glass plates. This paper analyzes one by one through actual engineering cases.

Analysis of the causes of glass plate falling off

1. Profile selection error

The frame material of the frame supporting glass curtain wall is aluminum alloy profile. According to the technical specification of JGJ102 "glass curtain wall engineering", the glass curtain wall should be made of weather resistant material. The aluminum alloy material should be surface anodized, electrophoretic paint, powder spray or fluorine. Carbon spray treatment, and aluminum alloy profiles should meet the quality requirements stipulated in the current national standard "Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles".

In order to maximize profits, some companies use aluminum materials that look like anodized as anodized profiles. As a result, the entire project was reworked, and all the aluminum materials were replaced with anodized profiles that met the specifications, and the engineering losses were serious.

2. Non-standard construction of qualified enterprises without curtain wall construction

In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's curtain wall industry, the number of building curtain wall projects has gradually increased, and the number of enterprises engaged in curtain wall construction has also increased, and there is a mixed phenomenon.

In the past two years, affected by the national real estate regulation and control policy, many enterprises directly or indirectly entrusted enterprises without qualification of curtain wall construction to assemble glass plates and attached frames in order to reduce costs.

Because unqualified enterprises do not meet the relevant specifications in terms of plant area, rubberizing equipment, personnel quality, quality control, etc., there have been many accidents caused by non-standard construction and poor quality control.

3. Early aging of inferior silicone structural adhesive

Silicone structural adhesive is the key material of the hidden frame curtain wall. It connects the plate and the metal frame. During the use of the curtain wall, it bears the wind load and the weight load of the glass, which is directly related to the durability and safety of the building curtain wall structure.

Therefore, silicone structural sealants are required to have high tensile, shear strength, resistance to repeated stretching, compression and peel bond strength.

4. Sealant selection error

According to the requirements of JGJ102, open frame curtain wall, building windows and doorsInsulating glassThe first sealant shall be a butyl hot melt sealant for insulating glass;

The second sealant that does not need to bear the load should be a polysulfide insulating glass sealant or a silicone sealant;

Hidden frame, semi-hidden frame and point support glass curtain wall, silicone structure sealant should be selected for structural strength.

5 Conclusion

Through the above analysis, it can be seen that silicone structural adhesive is the key material of the hidden frame curtain wall. If the material is not selected according to the requirements of the specification (the profile and sealant are not selected according to the specifications), the construction of the enterprise without the qualification of the curtain wall is selected, and the selection is inferior. Silicone structural adhesives and the like all cause accidents in which the glass plates fall off, posing great safety hazards to people's lives and property.

Therefore, it is hoped that the relevant industries will strengthen self-discipline, and do not produce profiles and silicone structural adhesives that do not meet the standards and specifications for the sake of immediate profit; do not use enterprises without curtain wall qualifications. At the same time, it is also hoped that the government and relevant institutions will strengthen supervision and supervision, and will not allow unqualified inferior materials to enter the curtain wall industry, eliminate the irregular construction of unqualified enterprises, and find serious treatment together to ensure that the curtain wall industry in China is moving towards health and benign Direction development.