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Analysis on the market trend and development characteristics of shower room

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-09-29
Shower room As the name implies is a separate shower compartment, that is, the full use of bath space, the shower room and sanitary ware placed in one room. Now with the improvement of the quality of life, more and more families began to pursue high-quality shower room, the shower room requirements are more and more. And there is a demand that there must be a market.
With the development of the shower room industry, shower room products with an average $number speed increasing, shower room will enter more and more families, and will be more and more real estate projects of all ages. Experts predict that in recent years, various types of real estate development projects and star-starred hotels, hotel bathroom matching fine decoration, shower room products will account for more than 80%, become the protagonist in the bathroom.
   China shower room industry market three major development characteristics:
1, compared to other sanitary products, shower room was born late, shower room products are only the most basic framework, it also has a relatively large development potential. For example, the steam shower room integrated into the steam function, as well as other features of the new shower room. Whether it is glass color, material selection, or simple sliding door design, can lead to the emergence of refreshing new products.
2, shower room compared to other bathroom products The biggest difference is that it can not be standardized operation on the assembly line, so this non-standard customization of production, product circulation inconvenience. The non-standard customization of the shower room resulted in the market situation of high price. If customized products will be the entire shower room industry development trend, shower room industry today's efforts are bound to lay a solid foundation for future development.
3, the vast majority of shower room enterprise size is small, in the channel for the King's traditional manufacturing, small-scale enterprises will undoubtedly be in the channel construction, thus further affecting the development and growth of the enterprise itself.
The basic needs of the customer for the shower room are always inexpensive and excellent quality. Market possession is to meet customer consumption process, and in this complex process, the weak weaker, stronger stronger, the final situation may be several large stores and brands will occupy the entire bathroom market a great share. The future shower room must be better.
   Three trends of market development of China shower room industry
1, the Art of
Shower room products more artistic. For the future of the changes in sanitary products, modern sanitary ware in addition to meet the needs of residents living, residential areas, public places, hotels and other places there is a strong demand.
2, water-saving and energy saving
Water-saving and energy saving in the shower room is an immutable theme. In response to the country's call for building a conservation-minded society, the future of sanitary products has put forward a higher standard, water conservation is still the trend of development of sanitary ware products, but also an important goal of the bathroom industry.
3, intelligent shower room
China has become the world's largest manufacturer of sanitary ware products and sales countries. The future shower room will also add more high-tech factors to become part of the smart home.
In addition, the shower room existsGlassSince the risk of explosion injury and glass is difficult to clean, consumer attention to shower room products increasingly focused on a key word: Security! Therefore, the security will become the future shower room market development of the most important.
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