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Anti-theft-saving and environment-friendly laminated glass

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrom
  • Release on:2017-05-27
  Laminated glass is sandwiched between two or more layers of glass, a material called PVB Intermediate film is made by high temperature and high pressure. The use of the United States first Connaught company SATFLEXPV Intermediate Film laminated glass, as a new generation of energy-saving laminated glass, it makes laminated glass in the original seismic explosion-proof performance on the basis of a very good energy-saving.

   LaminatedGood anti-theft performance: 4mm (glass) +0. 76mm (PVB intermediate film) Perme 4mm (glass) is the most common building glass, using this safety glass, if the burglar is using electric tools or fire welding, 5 minutes can only open a head size hole, the use of laminated glass can prevent broken windows burglary provides a good security guarantee. Qualified laminated glass has strong impact resistance, common tools such as hammers, screwdriver, fire axe, chopping knives and so on are not allowed laminated glass, this is because the excellent PVB intermediate film with excellent tensile strength, elongation and other physical properties, extremely resilient, only from one side is never possible to cut laminated glass, which makes thieves commonly used silent glass cutter also lost its role. Even though the thieves smashed the glass, the middle layer was firmly glued to the glass and remained intact, and the burglar was still unable to enter the room. It can be said that the installation of laminated glass can save the anti-theft guardrail, both beautiful and can get rid of the sense of the cage.

  Laminated glass good energy saving and environmental protection performance: when sunlight directly shines a colorless laminated glass, SATFLEXPV intermediate film can absorb most of the heat, only part of the heat radiation back indoors, so that indoor and outdoor heat energy is not easy to conduction, reduce heat consumption, so as to maintain indoor temperature, save air-conditioning energy consumption. The intermediate membrane can isolate more than 99% of the ultraviolet rays and reduce the fading degree of the interior fabric. The color SATFLEXPV intermediate film has different transmittance, which can be controlled by ultraviolet and heat gain. Laminated glass isolates ultraviolet rays without blocking visible light.
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