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Tips for choosing a soundproof window

Fanyumaoyi Chinamirrom 2017-05-26 15:08:05
  The so-called soundproof window is to separate the sound with two-storey windows. The cracks in each layer of windows are as tight as possible, and this method is suitable for all noise-jamming areas.

  Alternatively, double glazing can be used because it has a better sound insulation effect. Windows are divided into two types of fixed and movable, considering the ventilation factors, generally do not advocate the use of fixed windows, and the movable type is divided into horizontal pull type and push-type two.

  The author from the market to understand that the current market on the ventilation and soundproof windows are mainly two kinds. One kind is the mechanical exhaust noise window, the other is the three-track soundproof window.

  The former is based on a double track horizontal pull window or open window, through enhancedGlassthickness or the use of double glazing, and increase the mechanical ventilation function, to achieve the effect of ventilation and sound insulation, due to the mechanical part, the price is relatively high; the latter adopts the three-track window frame, and the sash is designed as a noise-canceling cavity structure, and a special ventilation hole is added above the window to achieve the effect of natural ventilation and sound insulation. According to the test data, mechanical ventilation soundproof windows can generally be soundproof 20 to 30 decibels, three-track soundproof windows in the case of natural ventilation, can still be separated by 30 db noise.

  According to experts, the noise performance of the transverse window is determined by the tightness between the two-piece window and the window frame, and for the open window is dependent on its closed window and frame. On this basis, although the two types of double track horizontal pull and push-type noise-proof windows are very widely used, there are some deficiencies in design.

  First of all, the double track transverse pull window two glass fan clearance is too large, the sash below the empty cavity, airtight is not strong, and the use of three-track design of the soundproof window sash gap smaller. Secondly, the sliding wheel is easy to wear, the life is not too long, after wearing the sash is not moving, open the window there is space, the hardware to become old after the doors and windows easily out.

  In terms of price, the three-track soundproof window is more reasonable cost-effective, therefore, consumers in the selection of noise-proof window when it is best to recognize their needs, choose the right products, so as not to spend more money and can achieve the desired effect.