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Application and installation of unidirectional glass

Fanyumaoyi Chinamirrormanufacturer. com 2017-07-17 13:49:22
Widely used in prisons, security organization interrogation room, psychiatric hospital, university research institutions, large conference rooms. In a certain lighting effect with, can be achieved outside see inside, inside can clearly see the outside one-way perspective effect. The product also has explosion-proof performance.
Please install this glass in strict accordance with the following specifications:
1, unidirectional perspective glass is divided into positive and opposite sides. The front is glass mirror, used to reflect the light, the installation should be positive toward the monitored room (that is: the space to observe, such as the suspect's space.) To position the opposite side of the magistrate (i.e., the monitoring room).
2, the lighting intensity of the monitor room should ensure enough brightness, the brighter and stronger the light, the more obvious the effect of glass unidirectional perspective.
3, in order to make the glass one-way perspective performance to achieve the best status, the monitoring room in principle does not install ceiling lamp, do not allow other light-emitting lamp sources exist. If there is a window next to the monitor room, the opaque curtains must be installed, such as the sealed curtains used by the hotel. When used, it is recommended to turn off all lights in the monitoring room.
4, if the monitoring room must use lights, it is recommended to use point-like lighting, such as writing lamps (lamp shade is not transparent), to reduce the range of light, and control room and the monitor room light ratio controlled in 1:10 of the state, or a lower proportion to ensure that the glass one-way perspective performance intact. Note: The lights can not be directly installed in the rear of the glass, so as to avoid monitoring indoor personnel images reflected in the glass surface.
5, in order to enhance the overall reflectivity of unidirectional glass, it is suggested to install the spotlights above or below the glass mirror to enhance the overall reflectivity of the glass mirror and enhance the unidirectional perspective effect of the glass.
6. Monitored personnel and one-way perspectiveGlassThe actual distance should be kept at ≥ 1 meters.
7, unidirectional glass for special glass, installation should pay attention to protect Glass mirror, mirror once damaged can not be repaired.