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Cause analysis of self-bursting of tempered glass shower room

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-18
   1. Quality problem of glass shower room
Do not be greedy for a cheap choice of three no products of tempered glass, must buy regular products. We recommend that you choose a well-known brand and better after-sales service tempered glass, 3C certificate, quality certificate, patent certificate, indispensable, so as to ensure the quality of the bath room problems.
   2. Improper installation of glass shower room
In the process of transportation and construction, it is possible to make the glass scratches, vents, edges and other defects, or the installation process of glass has a certain degree of tilt and man-made changes in the shape of the glass will cause the problem of self explosion.
   3, glass shower room in the use of improper maintenance
In the daily use process, if the sharp objects impact to the shower glass, or the temperature is a sharp change in the cause of the glass is a factor.
   How to reduce the risk of self explosion in glass shower room?
   1, buy high-quality tempered glass door
Tempered glass must choose the product certificate has 3C certification mark. In addition, we wear polarized sunglasses when looking at the glass, we should show a color stripe, the naked eye will have a blue spot.
   2, the correct installation of glass doors
To prevent improper installation of theGlassSelf-explosion phenomenon, as far as possible in the purchase of products, the requirements of manufacturers to provide professional personnel on-site installation, such problems can also pursue responsibility. The installation of the process of supervision do not cut the glass, because the glass in the tempered after processing, very easy to appear from the phenomenon of explosion.
   3, focus on the protection of Glass corner parts
The rim of the tempered glass is weak, and it is easy to smash the whole piece of glass once it has a crack. In the daily life, must pay attention to protect the glass corner position, periodically see whether the corner cracks.
   4, put on the explosion-proof film
The explosion-proof film can prevent the Shang from flying when the glass explodes. Choose the explosion-proof film as far as possible after the International Window Film Association certification, with the production of safety film qualification of the explosion-proof film.
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