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Application of fireproof glass in fire safety

  • Author:Fanyumaoyi
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer. com
  • Release on:2017-07-14
Fireproof Glass, the fireproof glass comprises at least two pieces of glass, and the glass is placed between a transparent refractory made of solidified hydrated poly-silicate alkali metal salt. At least one piece of glass has a layer of bottom coating on the surface in contact with the refractory, and its adhesion on the refractory layer is reduced at the temperature of the fire resistance test. The glass film exposed to fire can be completely separated from the refractory at the temperature of the fire resistance test. As a result, the silicate refractory baffles are intact, even when the glass flakes, which are exposed to fire, explode and fall.
   Application of fireproof glass in fire safety
In recent two years, there have been a number of major fire accidents, such as the north of CCTV, the Jingan high-rise residence in Shanghai, and the serious loss and harm caused. The country carried out a wide range of fire safety inspection work, people's awareness of fire has been gradually upgraded. Fire-resistant glass has the advantages of slow fire spread, heat insulation, smoke, etc., in case of fire can create favorable conditions for personnel, property, building and rescue, minimize loss, people's favor, fireproof glass market potential is huge. Fireproof Glass is a new type of building fire protection materials, mainly used in the production of Fire doors, firewalls, fire partition, etc., Europe will fire-resistant glass from the fire performance grade, fire glass can be divided into 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes three grades. Monolithic monolithic fireproof glass is a fireproof glass constructed by Single-layer Glass, which is mainly used for partition of large public buildings, fireproof zoning, outdoor curtain wall and other building parts. Single-piece fireproof glass after a long period of high temperature ion exchange chemical treatment process, with the advantages of low heat expansion rate, in a period of time can be maintained under high temperature glass softening and not broken, by keeping the integrity of the glass to prevent the face of fire, poisonous and harmful gases, but can not insulation. In addition, in addition to fireproof glass, the importance of glass frame should be paid attention to. If the frame is not fireproof, in the event of a fire will be easy to soften, deformation, and then good fire-resistant glass can not play a role, so equipped with the corresponding fire protection frame installation Accessories is also very important. After 2014, China will fully start public buildings, civil construction Fire certification standards, the application area of single piece fireproof glass will appear blowout demand.
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