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How to prevent the glass curtain wall from leaking water seepage problem

Fanyumaoyi Chinamirrormanufacturer. com 2017-07-13 15:16:30

Curtain wall fittings expert analysis led to the appearance of water seepage and leakage of the basic conditions of the phenomenon of three: there is a pore exist, there is the existence of waters, there is a seepage crack pressure difference exists. Therefore, the governance strategy: one is to minimize the porosity, the second is to shelter the rain, so as not to soak the gap; The specific practice is as follows:
1, the design first consider the curtain wall waterproof device design structure, the use of equal pressure principle, in the curtain wall aluminum profiles on the installation of equal pressure cavity and special pressure to introduce the hole, so that the internal pressure of the pressure cavity through the special pressure into the hole and external pressure balance, to move the pressure differential to contact the indoor side of the rain, so there is no water pressure difference between the pressure and there is no water, to prevent the use of external water pressure to penetrate the curtain wall, this is a positive waterproof measures.
2, in the curtain wall fittings aluminum to open the outlet small hole, through the small gap into the curtain wall inside the water collection out of the curtain wall, while the glass, aluminum and aluminum buckle between the pressure cavity of the small amount of water, this is an effective method of harnessing water.
3, the design can also be considered in the glass curtain wall to set up a collection of pipelines and drainage pipelines, the infiltration of cracks into the curtain wall fittings inside the water collected together, through the drainage pipeline unobstructed to a designated indoor drainage hole, this is another reliable measures of water.
4, the selection of high-quality structural silicone sealant, weather-resistant silicone sealant, wall edge adhesive, but also to strengthen the inspection to prevent outdated use. Selection of high-quality float glass, glass must be the edge treatment, glass size error in line with the standard requirements.
5, pay attention to control the use of sealant environment, the rainy day in the open air weather resistant silicone sealant construction. Structural Adhesive Construction Workshop Requirements Clean No dust, indoor temperature should not be higher than 27 ℃ (different brands of structural adhesive its use of different properties, the indoor temperature requirements are slightly different), the relative humidity should not be less than 50%.
6, structural silicone sealant, weather resistant silicone sealant, glue before the wall, the aluminum frame, glass or cracks on the dust, grease, loose and other dirt clean, after injection should be embedded dense, surface formation, strengthen maintenance, to prevent hand touch, water rushing.
7, according to the standard requirements, the glass curtain wall construction process should be stratified in the performance of rain-resistant seepage inspection, in order to repair, the middle control curtain wall quality.
8. The quality inspection of glass curtain wall is divided into two categories, concealed acceptance and engineering acceptance. Concealed acceptance is carried out after the aluminum profile frame is installed, the main test of the strong safety of the connection steel Code, inspection curtain wall and the main structure of the Gap node installation, expansion joints installation. Engineering Acceptance inGlassCurtain wall Works after completion, for the completion of glass curtain wall acceptance, is the intermediate acceptance of the project.
9, open the window should be carefully check whether to achieve the degree of sealing, accessories are good material, reliable function, open, close is flexible.
10, cleaning curtain wall, the use of the building itself window cleaning machine. If clean by professional cleaning company, must have detailed construction organization plan, can not have any damage to the curtain wall.
11, improve the completion of the acceptance of information, transfer to the relevant departments, the use of units should be based on the use of the specification in time to establish curtain wall maintenance, maintenance plans and systems.

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