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Architectural glass film three major categories - how much do you know

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-10-15

Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of the requirements of home and work environment, in order to improve the comfort and safety of glass, many buildings are willing to introduce glass architectural glass film, but do not know the classification of film, do not know how to choose when purchasing.

The architectural glass film is made of high-quality polyester (PET) film and metal coating layer by vacuum magnetic spray coating process, which can provide excellent solar control functions for different types of glass. Architectural glass film is roughly divided into three major Class, let's take a look at it together.

(1) Building insulation glass film

Building insulation film is mainly used for energy saving. It is equipped with UV-blocking and safety explosion-proof functions. The building insulation film is divided into a heat-reflecting film and a low-radiation film.

The heat reflective film (also known as the solar control film) is attached to the surface of the glass so that the room can transmit a certain amount of visible light, high infrared reflectance IR, low solar heat to obtain the coefficient SHGC, and keep the indoor temperature from rising in the hot summer. Too much, thus reducing the cost of electricity for indoor air conditioning.

Low-emission film (also known as LOW-E film) can transmit a certain amount of short-wave solar radiant energy, allowing solar radiant heat (near-infrared) to enter the room, while at the same time radiating more than 90% of indoor object heat sources (such as heating equipment) The long-wave infrared (far infrared) is reflected back into the room. The LOW-E film can make full use of the outdoor solar short-wave radiation and the long-wave radiation energy of the indoor heat source. Therefore, it can be used in heating buildings in cold areas to achieve the obvious effect of heat preservation and energy saving.

(2) Building safety glass film

The main functions are safe explosion-proof, anti-theft and bulletproof. The film has good impact resistance (anti-explosive strength), stab strength, and UV blocking ability, high transparency or full transparency.

(3) Decorative glass film

The main function of this film is decorative, a wide variety such as basic color, translucent, opaque and printed with various geometric patterns, opaque films such as one-way see-through film, translucent film such as matte film, relative to frosted glass and craft glass In terms of manufacturing, it has the advantages of durability, quick installation and low cost, and it can also change the decorative pattern whenever and wherever possible.