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Art Glass Color Matching skills

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2017-12-07
Art Glass is a lot of people like decorations, whether it is home decoration or public attire, you can see similar design. But you know what? Different decoration, art glass color needs to comply with the rules will be different, so want art glass, must master art Glass color collocation skills.
   1, Purple:
Purple is also easy to touch in life color. is also a lot of people like the color. Purple has inhibitory effects on human nerve, lymph and heart system, which can maintain the potassium balance in human physiology and promote the absorption of potassium. Touching the purple visually can make a person feel safe.
   2, Black:
The use of black in the TV background wall will give a calm atmosphere of the heavy sense, for the living room or home theater space larger family has a good foil.
   3, Blue:
Blue is a lot of people like serious, but also the closest to the sea color this color reminiscent of deep, long, long-term, rational and ideal. Blue color is a cool, intelligent color, in the visual contact with blue can make people calm down. But from another aspect, Blue is also easy to make people in the mood to produce sad, poor, indifferent negative emotions. The person who touches the blue can relax the tense mood, blue is a kind of make a person feel elegant, tranquil color.
   4, Orange:
Orange as the current mainstream color, he can make us after contact to stimulate vitality, increase appetite, but also help the body function on the absorption of calcium, so, this color is very suitable for restaurants, gyms and other places. But the color of orange can not be too thick, otherwise this positive colour may cause the person's spirit to be excessively excited, has some emotional negative consequences.
   5, Orange Blue:
In some home decoration will also use this color of art glass, exposure to orange blue to help the body muscle relaxation, give people a comfortable and relaxed feeling.