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Do you know the difference between glass and jade?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-12-07
The hand is lighter. The density of the glass is lighter than the jade, the hand is more ethereal, unlike Jade has a clear fall feel.
The hand touches the warm feeling. Glass because of inorganic amorphous, low heat conductivity, heat transfer is relatively slow, at the beginning of the hand when it appears warm, not like Jade as cold.
The transmission light observes the vortex pattern. The vortex pattern is a linear flow mark left by the flow of liquid glass during the solidification of the glass from the molten state. In the use of the spotlight torch for transmission or side light irradiation, the glass in some parts will appear arc of the vortex pattern, the two sides of the vortex pattern of light intensity will be different.
float glass
The transmission light observes the bubbles. In the light of strong transmission or side light, there are often some round, bright and different bubbles in the glass, especially under the magnifying glass.
Surface reflective surface to observe scratches and circular bubble pits. Whatever kind of glass, its hardness is 5~5. 5 range, compared to the hardness of 6. $number Jade is relatively low, careful observation, on the polished surface will often appear some irregular scratches, as well as due to the bubble exposed surface and formed a number of small round pits;
Listen to the sound. The glass is hung up with a fine rope, the sound is dull, not like the metal sound of jade, crisp melodious.