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Bathroom glass is not the thicker the better

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-15
  Shower wet and dry separation can be achieved, giving us an independent and comfortable bathing environment. In the selection of shower room to look at the glass, aluminum, pulleys and other quality, many consumers agree that thicker glass shower room, the better, but it's not the truth. Small series give you all the reasons from the following 3 aspects.
  Bathroom glass of thick, strong nature is strong, but if too thick, it will have the opposite effect. The thicker the glass, its thermal conductivity is relatively worse, burst, the greater the possibility, because glass itself is one of the main reasons various places caused by uneven cooling, therefore from this point, the explosion-proof glass should be as thin as possible. In addition, the small shower room factory, of a thickness exceeding 8mm glass is difficult to achieve fully tempered, so once the glass broken, there will be sharp, scratch the body's security risks.
  Glass thicker heavier weight, greater pressure for hinges, will shorten the profile and pulley life, especially middle and low pulley showers tend to use lower quality, so that the thicker the glass is the more dangerous! and tempered glass is good or bad depends largely on the degree of tempering, are regular large production, degree of impact resistance, heat resistance, penetrability, and so on. Glasses as thick as possible is a myth.
  Shower room are on the market claiming to be toughened, the difference is the degree of temper, a good glass is fully tempered and almost fall short of fully tempered, currently on the market more than 8mm of 100% of LCD glass are basically unattainable.
  Consumer purchase, should be aware of its 3C certification mark,Tempered glassRegardless of size, should the 3C logo above, from the details to the judge of tempered glass. In addition, try to choose a formal professional shower brand, carefully check for name, address and relevant information such as certificates, formal manufacturers in product quality and process more secure.