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Glass cleaning tips

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-15
  Easy way to clean the glass, stained with vinegar water rag to wipe. In addition, smeary glass cabinets easier, to frequently clean up once discovered oil onion slices can be used to wipe the blurred glass can be renewed. Bright glass products, is one of the most consumers keen on building materials, so if you live in a glass stained stains how to clean it?

  1, dropping kerosene on glass or coated with chalk and gypsum dipped in water to dry on the glass, wipe with a clean cloth or cotton, glass washing, clean and bright.

  2, paint the walls window stick on some lime water to remove traces of lime tumor, if scrubbing with water in General is difficult. Therefore, in order to use wet cloth moistened with some fine sand to scrub Windows, glass can easily be cleaned.

  3, glass furniture for too long will be black, using a cloth and toothpaste to clean, so the glass will look like new.

  4, window glass when there are traces or stained with traces of oil, kerosene or wet cloth dripping a little liquor, gently wipe glass soon will be bright and clean bright.

  5, fresh shell after washing with water, a mixture of protein and water, use it for glass cleaning, will also increase.

  6,GlassGot paint on used cloth dipped in a little vinegar to wipe it.

  7, wipe with a slightly damp newspapers. Wipe is best when a vertical wipe, wipe around the other side, so easy to find leaks clean the place.

  8, first rinse again with warm water, and then wipe with a wet cloth dipped in a little alcohol, glass will be particularly bright.