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Bathroom glass partition wall advantages and considerations

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-20
  BathroomGlassPartition wall, OK, bathroom glass wall can not only play the role of reasonable zoning, also can play a role to beautify, what questions should pay attention to when we use it, along with small series see below.
  Toilet partition walls materials, steel, and wood veneer or glass. Steel partition materials service life guaranteed, but its material characteristics of its shape and the expression is more general. Wooden board? Because the particularity of the bathroom, so transpiration of bath much water vapor can cause damage to wooden board, and reduce the service life. Best together is to use a glass partition wall, as well as to the impact of changing the dry and humid areas, play a role in aesthetic is also very good.
  General glass partition is currently on the market by 12mmTempered glassThis glass installation prices generally range between 200 to 800 Yuan. While the prices of other basic parts and accessories Department is different. Decorative Panel prices are dozens of hundreds of Yuan. Of course, the better the quality, fine workmanship sure price will be very high, we can according to their own specific needs to make the most appropriate choice.
  Bathroom glass wall has many advantages:
  1, pleasing in appearance, free design, show the idea.
  2, energy saving and environmental protection, unlimited movement, repeated use.
  3, expansion joints of this glass wall, bathroom environment, dry or wet, keeps no crack or deform.
  4, sound extremely good seal can also fire.
  Bathroom glass wall attention
  1. before making the bathroom glass partition, the first floor tile and wall tile, and customized according to the actual size of the bathroom glass partition. Pay attention to the wall may have errors, actual size custom glass doors before installation and use.
  2. bathroom glass special attention because the particularity of toilet, close contact and water every day. So to be installed before tile drains, install a floor drain, so as not to cause inconvenience to the life after.
  3. bathroom glass partition should also note that the door glass door can block the water, if there is no door to specifically install the threshold stone, usually 1.5 cm ~2 cm above the ground, otherwise the shower water flow out of the door could not achieve the goal of wet and dry area.
  4. bathroom glass partition, remember, toilet partitions it is best not to use the glide path, because slide water and dust is difficult to clean up, for a long time will stink. Do not for a moment in appearance, leaves for later life.
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