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Glass flooring do you know its advantages and disadvantages?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-19
  With the development of science and technology, application of new glass more widely than traditional glass, pattern is particularly changeable, for example floor. Of course, the new glass has its advantages and disadvantages, but many friends were not particularly understanding of small series to introduce you below.

  Introduced, new glass

  1, titanium glass

  With the traditionalGlassComparing titanium glass has good crushing ability and maintain original form under the condition of high temperature heat, the product is colorless transparent, Brown, copper, such as available for sale to consumers.

  2, heat-absorbing glass

  The glass products to meet the needs of consumers warm in winter and cool in summer, and can absorb visible light from the Sun in summer, reduced indoor intensity of sunlight, and can absorb a certain amount of UV light, isolated outdoor air in the winter, so as to achieve the function of warm in winter and cool in summer.

  3, glass-ceramics

  Compared with conventional glass, atoms are arranged in an orderly crystalline glass-ceramics, so he has a ceramic-like brightness and tenacity than glass.

  Second, the advantages and disadvantages of new glass floor

  Glass floors are mainly modern patchwork of technologies supporting high-strength glass floor, compared with traditional wood flooring has a different feel.

  Glass floor, the main raw material is silicon dioxide, can be seen everywhere in nature, so that the glass floors of cheap, and glass floors with different wood flooring is not to destroy the nature of trees, more environmentally friendly. Glass floor care more convenient, because it is using a glass floor. Glass flooring will not like wood flooring, flooring made of natural materials such as bamboo flooring has a fear of corrosion, moth worries. And can also clean water, easier than wood floor in clean run.

  Is impossible for all the glass floor advantage without disadvantage, of course, glass floor as a new floor has not been a lot of use. Its shortcomings are obvious.

  Glass is a kind of light pollution culprits, we lay the glass floor in the room would bring severe light pollution to our room, this is a topic worthy of discussion. Glass floor was scratched after can replace it, if not replaced, then performance will undoubtedly reduce a lot of the glass floor. Practical performance relative to the wood floors, glass floor in the sense the extent, certainly will be a lot worse, they are questions that many consumers wait-and-see.

  Third, the glass decoration methods and points for attention

  Renovations before you choose the right glass floor, be sure to note that no cracks in the glass.

  1, lay the glass floor surface must be smooth and clean.

  2, best before construction on the flat glass floor tiles for more than 24 hours, temperature 15 degrees Celsius at construction site, cut both ends of the glass to stay 5cm.

  3, before pasting, reverse roll up roughly half of the floor and glass floor started spreading from the middle (use a rubber scraper with teeth) were laid.

  4, in the process of laying lines to align venues, sorted the best number of the floor, when less error-prone.

  5, in the two pieces of glass floor seams to join when purchasing flooring manufacturers specifically dedicated connection supporting, on the underside seams, then connects with brush on adhesive. This step to ensure the two floors as close as possible. Recommend the use of water soluble glue, less damage to the human body.

  6, evenly on both sides with a soft wood from the middle of the floor surface of extruded floor, flat no bubbles on the surface of the floor, completely smooth rolling.

  7, after treating the glass floor is very good bonding for grooving, welding, pay attention to wire after welding to raze.