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Bathroom mirror installation tips

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-11

Mirrors add depth visual effect, especially this itself in a relatively small space in the bathroom, ingenious application of wall mirror can make it look even more than 1 time times larger than actual size. In place on the door in the face of the mirror, or mirror on the left or right, play a role in extended view, in which people would not feel oppressed and crowded.

Apply a mirror to adjust on the cabinet doors, several storage cells behind the mirror, toiletries and skin care products can be sorted, can make good use of washing the stage space, can also bring some Visual extensibility to the bathroom mirror reflection. Even if occasionally haphazard placed, as long as the closing "", and immediately clean spaces have also expanded a lot.

Both mirror and shower room partition screen, install the louver window-like folding mirrors, to give space considerably. In fact, interesting ideas come from life's little details.

Could be considered to match the grey walls and black furniture, white ware lit space, coupled with the magic mirror, out of darkened bathroom have a special charm.

The realization method of folding mirrors, or to ask the designer, for example, mirror their own weight problems, which tracks to purchase, connectors, and so on, need professional help.

In the bathroom with white tone, silver frameBathroom mirrorsCan play a positive role as a finishing touch. All patterned on the model of the mirror on the wall, hung like decorative painting, so that creativity can activate the bathroom walls.

Not all ceramic tiles on the bathroom wall, those will not be where the water can completely with a waterproof paint, texture and visual effect, more intimacy than stone, but also for the mirror performance left the stage.

Mirrors because of its characteristics, there is a divide that cannot be compatible with each other, but regrouped consciously cut mirror and can even form a unique abstract artwork on the wall.

bathroom mirror

bathroom mirror