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Bathroom mirrors installed 5 big considerations

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-11-11

, Bathroom mirror mounting height

General standing in the bathroom mirror, bathroom mirror along there should be at least 135 cm from the ground, if the height gap between family members is high, you can adjust up or down. Try to make the middle of the face in the mirror, good image, under normal circumstances, keeping the center of the mirror on 160-165 good cm off the ground.

Er, bathroom mirror fixing method

First link distance behind the mirror, and then marked on the wall, drill at the marked. If it is ceramic tile walls, you need to first open tiles with a glass drill bit drill and impact drilling, or hammering into 3CM, a good eye and then put it into the plastic expansion tube, then 3CM of self tapping screw, 0.5CM out, then hang the mirror.

Three, punch to protect well wall

During installation, be careful not to damage the wall, especially on the tile wall hanging mirror, try to choose a material punch at the seams. Preferably take the form of diamond.

Four, plastic glass fixing method you need to know

If you use a fixed mirror glass glue, careful not to acidic plastic glass, you should choose neutral glue, acidic plastic glass usually react with the material on the back of the mirror, causing the mirror broke. Before you apply adhesive, it is best to do a compatibility test, see if the rubber is dissolved with the material, with a special mirror glue works best.

Five, bathroom mirror lights installed

Bathroom mirrorsAre generally required to have good lighting, vanity mirror use lights or lights on the side of the mirror is necessary. When you install the mirror lamp, pay attention to prevent glare and recommended lamp shade, and choose ground glass surface of the lamp.

bathroom mirror

bathroom mirror