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Buy green doors and Windows, will see six elements

fanyumaoyi 2017-03-27 16:52:57
  Many users buy Windows and doors are always confused, purchased by feel, the result is far from ideal. The quality of a product, from raw materials, design, technology and practical and ornamental to a rational resolution.

  1, high quality material

  Main timber doors and Windows can include: aluminum, wood, glass, metal parts.

  High quality aluminum oxide film thickness, strength and must conform to the national standards, minimum wall thickness of not less than 1.2mm for aluminum oxide film thickness should be not less than 10 microns. Using profile wall thickness at different locations are different, requiring reasonable design. According to the different product types use different wood wooden doors and Windows, can meet with the technician types common wood for doors and Windows, such as Catalpa wood moderate hardness, toughness, wear resistance strong texture, excellent processing performance, enjoy the "King of wood" and "Golden tree" of the name, is one of the world's leading wood.

  Better than ordinary glass insulation the insulating glass;Tempered glassAnd its resistance to bending and impact resistance than normal glass increased by several times, and greater security.

  Hardware, glue and other accessories selection is the key to making high quality Windows and doors, big-brand hardware should be used, to achieve better sealing and its effects.

  2, processing

  A door and window products, simple, will in the end product of the process is very complex. High quality solid wood doors and Windows, fine processing, smooth tangent angle, does not appear an obvious gap in the stitching, good sealing performance, switching smoothly.

  Process quality through touch and appearance check side light. Touch the corner borders, panels, doors and Windows, no scratch, gentle; side light to see if doors and Windows painted with smooth waves.

  3, decorative

  In addition to the outside appearance of the products as well as glass decorative patterns, and also note that when choosing a wood window wood surface of the paint film. Water based paint a perfect reflection of the natural texture of wood, ensure the natural feel of wood. The penetration of high permeability primer is a good wood Guide, which greatly improve the fire resistance of timber, effectively preventing the deformation, has good elastic and easy to repair.

  4, reasonable price

  Price is to shop around, but it must be in the same material, performance, technology strength, manufacturer, service on the basis of price, if a cheap, balance between price and performance comparisons at the expense of users always.

  5, doors and Windows

  Doors and Windows performance due to the use of different scope and focus is different, usually to estimate strength and tightness, mainly reflected in the material selection and structure of doors and Windows, doors and Windows in the door and frame structure is tight, doors and Windows close.

  6, brand reputation

  Focus on brand reputation and quality of service, selecting reputable businesses, both in the raw materials, technology, or is more secure on the practicality and enjoyment, better service system.