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Common quality problems of glass Windows and doors installed

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-27
  Some sloppy operation, installing glass, no pad is set in accordance with the regulations or under glass size is too big, can't put blocks, made direct contact with the glass tank, uneven gaps around, glass weights do not receive good support, and in severe cases can cause deformation of the window sash. The main measures to prevent these problems are as follows.

  ① provide installation of glass blocks, glass weights to get support, to avoid deformation of the window sash. Install glass in the vertical box should be arranged under the two load-bearing blocks, useGlass1/4 the width of vertical distance from the edge of the glass, and not less than 150mm. Should be positioned in the other direction, to fixed glass ensure around the aperture.

  II glass blocks should be chosen shore hardness 80 hard rubber, supported its width should be greater than the glass thickness, length not less than 25mm, thickness is generally 2~6mm.

  ③ pads should be checked before the glass in place, preventing collisions, vibrations caused by pad off, location, blocking drainage channels.

  ④ strictly controlled glass cutting, glass size and the box fan size should be equal to the difference of the thickness of the two blocks.

  Glass installation loosen rubber seal strip off, glass installation Center, uneven crack in the glass window frame and rubber seal is not close to the glass and window frames, installation is not flat. Knock on the glass by hand, slap. Caused this situation of reasons main is in installation glass Shi no timely clear slot mouth within of debris, makes glass and slot mouth not in the; glass with glass slot mouth of gap not are, rubber article and glass, and glass slot contact bad, protruding glass slot mouth, with hand can easily to will sealed article pulled off; in corner at rubber article not disconnect, not note rubber stick received.

  These corrective measures are as follows.

  ① install glass carefully remove debris inside the slot, chip such as mortar, brick, wood, and glass should be placed carefully in the guaranteed even on both sides, and was fixed in a timely manner to prevent the collision shift, off notch Center.

  ② rubber seal not to pull too tight, cutting length than the Assembly length of 20~30mm. Installation should be set in place, the surface is flat, close contact with the notch of glass, glass, glass around even by force. Rubber strip at the corner should be beveled disconnect and disconnect the glue bond firm.

  ③ When you fill the joints with sealant fixed glass, glass with a rubber or rubber extrusion, gel void injection depth should not be less than 5mm, in front of the adhesive, you should keep the glass free of vibration.