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The kind of glass sound insulation effect is good

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-04-27
Which kind of glass window is soundproof? How to clean glass windows? In modern decoration, it is hoped that the soundproofing is good when choosing the glass window, so as to ensure that the interior is quiet enough to facilitate rest. In addition to this, it is convenient to clean. So what kind of glass window is now soundproof? How should I clean it? Please read the Xiaobian introduction:
TheFirst, glass window sound insulation type
The1、Insulating glass
The commonly used double-layer hollow glass consists of two pieces of 3~6mm. The small hollow distance makes the air layer between the two glasses show a strong "rigidity", and does not play the role of an air spring, losing the general double-layer structure. advantage. At the same time, due to the resonance of the double-layer structure, a small hollow distance causes the resonance phenomenon to occur at the middle and low frequencies, resulting in a reduction in the amount of sound insulation.
laminated glass
The2, vacuum glass
Double-layer vacuum glass and double-layer hollow glass are basically the same in structure and production. The difference is that the double-layer hollow glass sandwiches the air layer, and the double-layer vacuum glass has “vacuum” in the middle.
The3, laminated glass
Double layerLaminated glassA layer of sound-absorbing material is sandwiched between two layers of glass to allow the noise to be reflected and absorbed multiple times in the composite structure to achieve sound insulation.
The4, polyester glass
Polyester shading mute glass uses superior quality glass and adopts double-layer or tri-layer structure. The transparent high-molecular material with super "wall" sound-absorbing and sound-insulating properties independently developed and produced is compounded by high-tech production technology. Polyester shading mute glass soundproof effect is ideal, and it is in the leading position in the same industry in the world.