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Causes and countermeasures of glass breakage in tempering furnace

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Https://www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-04-28

Reason 1: There is a quality problem with the original glass, and a glass that is not well-annealed or a glass that has a large amount of air bubbles is used.

Solution: Use high quality glass original film to ensure the quality of tempered glass.

Cause 2: The glass has cracks or the four sides of the glass are not treated well.

Solution: Use a glass with no microcracks or sharp edges.

Cause 3: The glass drilled edge is not treated or the glass drilled diameter is smaller than the thickness of the glass.

Solution: Handle the edge of the hole and increase the diameter of the glass hole.

Cause 4: The glass drilling position is too close to the edge of the glass.

tempered glass

Solution: You can use the cutter to open a straight groove at the position where the hole is away from the edge, so that it can absorb heat when it is tempered.

Reason 5: Use temperedglassPerform secondary tempering.

Solution: The tempered glass has formed particles. When it is tempered again, it is equivalent to the glass detonation. If the glass is defective, it is easy to be broken in the tempering furnace. Strictly speaking, it is strictly forbidden to re-glass the glass. .