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China will become the world's leading bulletproof glass production base

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-08-28
Bulletproof glass plays an important role in special industries. With the global development, the demand for bulletproof glass is increasing. According to the statistics of professional research institutions, the distribution and utilization rate of global bulletproof glass capacity in 2009 are as follows:

The development and production of bulletproof glass originated in Europe and the United States, and it can be seen that it accounts for the vast majority of global production capacity. Although China's introduction of technology and production is relatively late, but the capacity demand continues to rise, its strength is comparable to that of the United States, Germany and other countries. In 2009, it has occupied 14.5% of the world, ranking fourth in the world.

In 2009, according to the statistics of industry associations, China's national defense glass production enterprises have reached 62, 70 production lines, the output capacity is strong, and the utilization rate is increasing year by year.
With the strengthening of internationalization, the security of various countries is also called an important national issue. After professional institutions, the global bulletproof glass market will show a compound annual growth rate of 9.48% from 2016 to 2020. Under the impact of globalization, the international bulletproof glass industry will gradually shift to China and other countries. Together with the improvement of R&D capabilities of Chinese local enterprises, it is favored by international companies and is expected to become one of the most important bulletproof glass manufacturers in the world in the future. .