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What kind of marble and glass are the coffee table?

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-08-27
Because of its wide variety, glass can be used in a variety of applications, so it has a bright future and has always been loved by consumers. When we choose glass, in addition to paying attention to its price, we should also pay attention to the different properties of various types of glass, and choose the type that is more suitable for home use. In addition to being made into doors and windows and various utensils, glass is now commonly used in various decorative occasions, such as partition walls and coffee table surfaces. The tempered glass coffee table is transparent and beautiful, and is durable. Next, please see our comparison of the glass coffee table and the marble coffee table to illustrate their respective characteristics.
tempered glass

First, the coffee table marble surface and glass surface which is good

In fact, it is not very good to say directly which is good, which is not good, are radish cabbage, each has love

The main points:

1, the marble texture is beautiful, but the impact of the marble is easy to break;glassThere are transparent and frosted points, the texture of the two is different. The super good tempered glass will not break when it encounters the general strength, but the ordinary glass is easy to break, and the broken glass is more terrible than the marble.

2, the same size of a piece of marble and glass, the weight of marble is heavier than the glass, know that the advantage of the movement of the glass coffee table is still there, that is, the light weight is more convenient to move;

3, the edge of the marble can be directly made of marble as a curved outline, but the glass is more difficult, but there are also glass edge by other materials to deal with very good, know that the marble edge processing will be relative Beautiful and easy to use;

4. When there is sweat on the hand, the surface of the glass will leave the texture on the hand as soon as it touches it, but the marble will not. It is known that the surface of the glass is more dirty and dirty.

5, the specific use of the material of the coffee table, but also with the overall style of home decoration, etc., can not only judge the good and bad of marble and glass from these comments.

Second, what are the advantages and disadvantages of marble coffee table and tempered glass coffee table?

Whether it is a marble coffee table or a steel glass coffee table or a solid wood coffee table, each has its own characteristics. For example, the solid wood coffee table looks stable and stylish; the tempered glass coffee table looks novel and individual; the marble coffee table is expensive and generous. It is worth noting that The choice of coffee table should be determined according to the decoration style of the house, this is one. The second is to be based on your economic strength, often the solid wood coffee table is very expensive, the price of natural marble coffee table is also quite high, compared to In terms of price, the price advantage of artificial marble coffee table and tempered glass is obvious. The third is based on their own personal hobbies.

If it is easy to clean, the coffee table with tempered glass will be better and easier to clean. At the same time, the tempered coffee table and the marble coffee table tend to give people a clean and refreshing feeling.

The advantages of marble coffee table are as follows:

1. The marble coffee table is a very fashionable product, and it is not easy to be damaged and durable and easy to clean. Many consumers are interested in these characteristics of the marble coffee table. Of course, this is indeed the advantage of the marble coffee table. Many of the brand-name natural marble coffee tables with classical styles cost more than 4,000 yuan. These marbles are finer in trade unions, and the quality of marble coffee tables is full.

2. For the marble coffee table, the characteristic is the texture of the marble. Therefore, the choice of the more common coffee table should be compatible with the overall style of the home decoration. Its fashionable and atmospheric characteristics have become the preferred products of the coffee table in European style, especially the coffee table with white and yellow as the main color, which has become the object of choice for many modern consumers.

3. Marble coffee tables generally control the radioactivity of the stone during processing. Usually, the radioactivity of the treated coffee table is up to standard, and it will not harm the human body. However, there are some inferior or even fake marble coffee tables on the market, except for various characteristics. In addition to the difference, it also contains excessive radioactive elements, which must be carefully identified when purchasing, so as not to affect health.

The advantages of the glass coffee table are as follows:

1. There are two types of glass tea. One is hot-bent glass, which is tempered after high-temperature hot bending. It has a beautiful curved shape. The coffee table is made of glass. The other is tempered glass with a unique shape. Accessories and electrostatic spray steel pipe, stainless steel and other chassis, elegant, simple and practical.
2. The glass coffee table is also a kind of coffee table with more shapes. We generally only see square coffee tables and rectangular coffee tables. Round coffee tables or other shapes of coffee tables are generally rare. Because of the variety of glass, the coffee table made with it is very rare. Will also be diversified.