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Method for replacing glass in glass curtain wall

The glass is mainly divided into two major categories: flat glass and deep-processed glass. Among them, there are three main types of flat glass: the ...
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Classification of the glass

fanyumaoyi 2017-04-10 14:21:25
  Art glass, is stained art glass with frosted, hot-melt emulsion, patches and so on, after the second artistic process, used for decoration, outdoor decoration, household decoration, etc.

  Glass divided in many ways. Artificial carving used skillfully cutting depth turn with, can show the texture of the glass so that the paint pattern people feel ready. Engraved glass is a decorative glass has good taste in home decoration, painted designs, both with personality \"idea\", reflecting the House Master spice and pursuit. After the second glass art glass processing can become art, ranging from dozens of Yuan to tens of thousands of Yuan, should even frosted glass at the initial level, is the pattern on the glass with sandblasting gun mill, lower grades. Biggest drawback is scrub some dirty easily and cannot be cleaned, it is hard to see, the price is cheap. Basically eliminated.

  Heat-melt method

  Sand moulds for glass hot-melt mold goods ceramic fiber paper and Board. Most common of for sand die, will pure of quartz in furnace within paved the, sand layer thick about 1.5cm, then by design of figure by with bamboo rod painting, details part available wood chopsticks depicting, so on in quartz sand Shang formed concave shaped of pattern as Yin die, again in above sub Shang release powder, then will flat glass flat put in quartz sandpaper into of Yin die Shang, dang glass heating to softening points above, that for weight sank to sand die in the forming.

  Superior silver mirror glass

  Superior silver mirror glass is to use modern advanced technology, select premium float glass for the original film, sensitization, silver plating, copper plating, painting protectors made of a series of processes, such as. Which is characterized by pure image, high reflectivity and good color reproduction, image bright and natural, durable even in wet conditions.

  Color glass

  Color glass photography, printing, copying techniques used in glass products.

  Glazed toughened glass

  GlazeTempered glassGlass glaze through a special process is printed on the glass surface, and then by drying, tempering treatment. Permanent color glaze sintered on the surface of the glass, acid and alkali-resistant, resistant to corrosion, never fade, the security advantages of high strength and reflection and perspective and other features.

  Stained glass

  Stained glass is a widely used glass varieties. It is made of a special pigment ink directly on the glass, or spray on the glass made of carved into a variety of patterns and colors, can realistically on the original copy and the paint film adhesion, cleaning can be carried out. According to the needs of interior color, selection of stained glass, the painting, color and lighting are combined in one. Copy landscapes, scenery, coastal jungle paintings used in doors, Central Hall, would cut burglary the vigor and vitality of nature.

  Sandblasted glass

  Including sprayed glass and sand carved glass, it is vertical or horizontal blasting machine automatically by sandblasting the glass into levels or cut pattern glass products.

  Flat glass

  Flat glass is the traditional products, mainly used in doors and Windows, light, wind and heat. Requires colorless, and it has better transparency and smooth surface, no defects.

  Flat glassInto the thickness of 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, single-chip size 300 mm x900 mm x1600 mm, 400 mm and 600 mm x x2200 mm number of species. Visible light reflectance is around 7%, transmittance between 82%~90%.
tempered glass