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Glass door spring price and specifications

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-07
  Now home, for glass doors is more and more widely used, balconies, bedrooms and bathrooms are in more places, glass door installation need to install spring, glass door spring is what? In our everyday use, common specifications and price for it do you know? Today, small series of simple to understand.

  Glass door spring price and specifications book

  Glass door Springs introduction

  In understandingGlassDoor to spring common of specifications and price zhiqian, we first to understand Xia glass door to spring, to spring is a installation in glass under hydraulic sustained release type behind closed doors device, its pressure tight spring of device is worm, worm can for pros and cons to rotating, so to spring can for two-way opened of door, to spring of technology key is spindle lower of bearing seat, it decided with to spring of bearing grade.

  Bearing on:

  As for bidirectional door\'s springs to carry the weight of the door, so the choice of weights on springs play a decisive role. Door width and model selection of wind pressure on the spring is also very important. From the production point of view, spring worm makes spring compression degree smaller than the gear pinion door closers, spring closing lever is shorter, so spring structure because of the quality of design and manufacture of high accuracy dependent.

  Installation conditions:

  In addition, two-way the doors along the doors facing the door springs have great force, so low-grade spring service life and high grade spring gap is very large. Service life of the spring is generally about 300,000 times. Plain wooden door is not appropriate to spring, the special cannot be used in a damp environment. Installed the main causes to spring to rust easily and intensity affect the service life of ordinary wooden door. To install the spring, custom borders, solid wood doors, install the spring will be durable.

  Glass door and spring specifications which

  Glass door models of the spring has a lot of, MA-73,MA-7135,M-25,BTS-84 of these are spring model, and life, for door width and spring specifications: 850mm,900mm,1000mm,1300mm,1500mm,1600mm and so on. Spring selection is mainly for the weight of the glass door to select different types of springs. Weight calculation method of glass, by national standards, LMM ordinary and tempered glass thickness, weight per square 2.5kg, currently used by 12mm glass door high 2.3M, wide-LM, its weight should be (2.3x1) x (12x2.5) =69kg. All accessories weight plus the weight of the glass that the weight of the door.

  Glass doors to spring rates

  Glass door spring prices to some extent by its brand, model has some differences but these differences normally not too much apart, consumers at the time of purchase can play to a different brand of stores to go to consultation, to get a certain price range. Now according to the building materials market, glass door Springs price is generally about 200-500, when consumers purchase must clearly identify the product brand and quality.

  Summary: practical applications, doors generally do not exceed the weight, so the doors wide and wind pressure on spring model option is preferred. Also note that the aspect ratio, the proportion between the height and width, if too disproportionate, doors are not used correctly. So when choosing glass doors to spring, prices and specifications are the primary consideration two major factors.