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Colorful LED what are the characteristics of glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2016-12-26
  LED lights are often heard in our daily lives, does that LED glass as we know it? It is normal, we very often come into contact with, but may not have paid attention to, then what is the LED glass?
  LED glass (PowerGlass) is a LED light source to form certain patterns, images, logos, into glass, production of optical glass sparkling new look.

  LED glass features:
  For lighting both energy and generous, fashion, Interior LED consumes only 10% of the General lighting, neon lights saving 50%.
  Can be used with user needs, produced as a flat or curved. Variety of colors, a variety of materials.
  Safe building material, with compression, explosion-proof characteristics. Permeability of natural glass and durable.
  Keep gluingGlassThe advantages of more glass glowing special effects to enhance the practical, artistic, ornamental glass.
  Can any design patterns and luminous effects, the effect is dazzling and varied.
  Are environmental protection and energy saving materials, is LED with the perfect combination of glass and water, UV, and so on.
  Circuits embedded in multilayered glass, not only the problem of achieving full transparency, and no wire exposed, see glass transparent circuit.
  Manufacturing process and product quality in line with legal requirements for safety. Because the light source is in glass mosaic in floor space, protection level is extremely high, ideal for use in outdoor settings, and may need to produce deformation of optical glass.
  Technology can be applied to many different kinds of glass, such as: tempered glass, white glass, sandblasted glass, stained glass, printing, combined with optical art glass of special light effects, making it a variety of optical art glass products.
  Circuit within the glass sandwich with conductive transparent electrical conductive, which belongs to the high-tech products. Under the high-tech use, LED light source integrated with transparent glass, LED lights arranged by design or writing, you can statically rendered, or through the controller programming, beats, flicker or fade effect, conversion between DMX intelligent control in dynamic and static, so to achieve digital control products change.
  LED glass to have a high resistance to moisture, not only can be made into different shapes, but also according to design needs, drilled mounting holes in the product, later LED photoelectric glass construction and installation.
  Lighting application:
  Follow the green technology, while maintaining a high degree of energy efficiency in lighting. Changing lights, jumping Flash through transparent glass, like a suddenly animated landscape, between the flowing stretch of vitality.
  Decoration applications:
  In addition to fashion and beauty and practicality, there is a deeper level of artistic enjoyment.
  LED glass is widely used in various fields of design and application, household type, building materials, lighting, decoration decorative application, other applications, and so on, can be said to permeate every aspect of our lives, so how could we not know it
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