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Method of installation of frameless glass door

fanyumaoyi 2016-12-26 16:25:38
  Different accessories, methods of glass door installation have changed, you know the frameless glass doors of stainless steel door how to install? Here, small series to introduce stainless steel construction process of details of the construction of frameless door glass door.
  , Glass fixed installations
  1, fixed partition installed from other processes must be indoors after construction completed. Fixed glass partitions and movable glass doors should be unified wire positioning, according to project requirements released partition and its line of glass doors, determine the position door frames, with precision, as land elevation and elevation top of door frame.
  2, the installation of the glass partition, door width must be greater than limit slots at the top of the glass thickness 2 ~ 4 mm, Groove between 20 ~ 30 mm, in order to glue. Installation method can be used by the elastic lines leads to two decorative metal plate edge, then press the edges limit slots on the top of the door frame installation. Wooden plate, adjust the groove depth of the notch. Through the pads to increase or decrease adjustments.
  3, the installation of finishes-wood backing. Installation method can be used in the original embedded in a block of wood nailed to the wood, or by screw anchors nailed to wood, wood fixed to the ground, then use all-purpose glue metal facing panels, pasted on wood. Aluminium square tube, aluminium corner box column or use of wood screws buried on the floor in a block of wood.
  4, the installation of the door frame. According to the play the Center wire nail of wood vertical door frame and then determine the size and location of the columns of the table with plywood fixed (the decorative surface of the note there). End of outsourcing metal decoration, package for sewing head ends when placed in the glass on both sides of the middle position. Common position should be accurate and secure.
  5, installation of glass. Glass suction cups (or glass suction cup machine) sucking thick tight, then holding the Chuck 2 ~ 3 people through the lifting plate glass and a move to prepare the place of installation is in place. Location: should be inserted at the top of the Groove of the upper limit of the door frame and glass, then place the bottom edge of the glass to the installation location and center line for the good of both sides of the door frame so thick on both sides of the glass edge seal metal facing door frame seams required to make invisible finishes inside and outside seams.
  6, glass. The bottom wood nailed two flat wood as strips of thick glass in the Middle, but the thick glass plates needed to be outside the gap of 4 mm, then brush on flat wooden track sheet metal decorative sticker sticking in square wood and both flat on the wood.
  7, sealing of plastic glass. Grooves on both sides of the gap in the top and bottom slot on the side of the glass and glass thickness and door frame column joints for gluing glass. Injection sequence should start at one end of the gap for the termination, without pause in the middle. Main points of operation is: make a fist of caulking gun should be uniform and down the cracks faster should be uniform, i.e. with the extrusion of plastic glass, moving at a constant speed, plastic cup in cracks to form a uniform line. Using plastic sheets plastic glass to blow away the excess with a clean cloth to wipe off the glue.
  8, between the glass of the dock. Fixed part of the glass plate, due to big width, must be fitted with two or more than two and align two mosaics formed from seams, sewing distance should be 2 ~ 3 mm (glass cutting seam must be used). Glass after being fixed with glue on the crack in the glass, fill the same after the squeegee with plastic sheets, cut to form a uniform line clean glass surfaces with a clean cloth to clean the rubber Strip.
  Installation of door furniture, second
  1 and then there's CD cut good and from the angle of the spill of thick glass top and bottom respectively loaded right upper and lower Cross block, define good doors tall (height including top and bottom Cross zainei), if enough doors height, top and bottom available in glass block Cross mouth aside, in fine wood splint padding to cushion the adjustment If the height of doors on the size of the installation, it is necessary to please Professional CD workers to extra thick glass doors part, glass for glass doors rather short time points should not be too high.
  height 2, immediately after the fixed glass with top and bottom horizontal block. Use thick glass with metal bars blocking the gaps with the insertion of a small strip of wood on either side and gently, and then type in a small strip of wood, glass and metal bars block between injected plastic glass and finally metal glass horizontal space block seam sealed with glass tape.
  3, glass door location: the door frame PIN by itself on a beam plane beams screw off 1 ~ 2 mm. and glass doors to the bolt, vertical at the bottom of the door turns of aligning spring pin connector slot of the track and rotate the door hole set into the well. Then PIN to pivot doors turned 90. (Note that just fixing the doors), perpendicular of door leaf and door beams. So can be rotated horizontally to block port connections are to a hole in the door frame pin on the bolt and PIN out, insert doors, horizontal block about 15 mm holes in bolt connectors, doors can open and close.
  Thirdly, install the glass door handle
  CutGlassDoors and chamfer the edge processing, should also install door handle holes. Install connection handle not tight when they inserted handle holes of door should be slightly loose. If too loose, soft tape in place of the Insert. Before installing the handle insert small glass glass coating glue. Handle Assembly, its roots and glass with sturdy and tighten the screws again to ensure that the handle without loosening.
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