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Common problems and solutions in the process of waterjet cutting

Fanyu Https:// 2019-03-13 14:42:22

1, sand valve broken sand

Reason: It may be that the sand screen is not clean and there is debris mixed into the sand. Such as pebbles, paper scraps, etc., so that the orifice is blocked, resulting in sand breaking.

Judgment method: Look at the negative pressure gauge (1) The negative pressure is obviously lower than the set value, and the foreign matter is in the throttle end in the nut at the outlet of the flask. (2) If there is no negative pressure, foreign matter or excessive sand accumulates between the sand control valve body and the sand pipe joint.

Solution: If it is the first case, unscrew the welded pipe joint nut, put down the sand control valve, and remove the throttle seat with a screwdriver. The foreign matter will flow out with the sand. If the foreign matter is too large, the sand box needs to be removed to remove the foreign matter. . In the second case, it is necessary to remove the sand valve joint, the sand pipe, and the sand pipe joint to remove foreign matter with high pressure gas.

2, back to the water

Reasons: (1) The sand pipe is clogged, there may be debris entering the sand pipe, causing the sand pipe to clog (2) the water switch is out of order.

Solution: (1) Disassemble the gun head, take out the sand tube, remove the debris in the sand tube, or install the sand tube in reverse and flush it out with high pressure water. (2) Check if the water switch valve needle or water switch valve gasket is damaged, and if it is, replace it.

3. The high pressure generator has high pressure, but the gun head does not have high pressure water.

Reason: (1) There may be debris entering the water nozzle, causing the water nozzle to clog. (2) The high pressure filter is blocked.

Solution: (1) Disassemble the gun head, take out the nozzle, blow it with a nozzle or air compressor. If it does not blow, use a small wire to insert into the center hole of the water nozzle to remove the debris. (2) Take out the high pressure filter and clean it.

4, the water spouted from the gun head is very scattered, very thick, not concentrated

Cause: It is possible that the water nozzle is heavily worn, causing the jet to diverge.

Solution: Replace the nozzle.