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The future of glassware is indispensable for this 4 points to support

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Https://www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2019-02-19

[Furning glass of the vessel]

Glassware products have traditionally been blown by hand-melting, especially for export products, and are still mainly blown by hand. However, in terms of the melting of glass, some manufacturers have innovated in recent years, which not only greatly improved the melting quality of glass, but also produced a certain scale of glassware production. Replacing the melting furnace glass with an advanced electric melting furnace will be the direction of glassware development in the future.


[Glassware shape]

As a daily necessities and accessories, glassware is not only functionally required to meet the needs, but also should be adapted to people's aesthetic requirements in terms of artistic creation. At present, domestic glassware products, in addition to the quality of the international market, are not competitive, and there is no competitive ability in artistic modeling. In order to change this phenomenon, in the future, we should strengthen the development and design of new products, absorb the production of product design professionals to join the ranks of glassware production, improve the artistic level of products, and achieve high-end products.

[ware glass production equipment]

Most of the production of ware glass is produced by manual blowing method, which is backward in production equipment and it is difficult to achieve automated production. In order to improve product quality and reduce production costs, in the wareglassIn the production process equipment, we should pay attention to the development and development of modern production equipment.

[Production Technology Management]

Due to the simple production process, the glass production of utensils has not been paid attention to in the management of production technology for a long time. Without professional technicians, the concept of production should be updated in the future, and the production of experience should be shifted to scientific production. Different ways should be adopted to accelerate the introduction and cultivation of their own professions. Talents to adapt to the international production of glassware.