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Decoration commonly used glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-03-31
  1. Colored sheet glass

  Colored sheet glass, also known as the colored glass and decorative glass. Stained glass are both transparent and opaque types. Transparent stained-glass is flat glass add a certain amount of coloring metal oxides, formed according to General production of plate glass production. Opaque stained glass and decorative glass. Colored sheet glass colors are Tan, Ocean Blue, sapphire blue, emerald green, mainly for internal and external walls, Windows and doors of the building decoration and light parts with special requirements.

  2. Frosted glass

  Frosted glass, also known as frosted glass, is grinded, sand processing, surface roughness of plate glass, due to the rough surface, through light diffusion, all light and no perspective, generally used for building toilets, bathrooms, Office, and other needed privacy and undisturbed by room can also be used in interior partition and use as a lamp light.

  3. Patterned glass

  Patterned glass and patterned rolled glass or glass. Embossed glass, patterned glass, vacuum coating embossed glass, patterned glass, color film, and so on. Patterned glass in glass-forming process in General, keep the plastic glass through a pair of rollers with carved patterns, continuous rolling on the surface of the glass. Vacuum coating embossed glass is formed by vacuum coating processing color film glass is using organic metal compounds or inorganic metal compounds are formed by thermal spraying.

  4. Spray the glass, cut glass, ice flowers glass

  Spray the glass, also known as plastic flowersGlassAre the flat glass surface with a pattern, to protect the surface, sand formed of alternating transparent and opaque pattern. Cut glass is flat glass painting, sculpture, surrounding wax, etching, grinding together. Patterned icing is very strong, like a relief.

  Ice flowers glass is a glass plate with a special handling form with natural ice texture glass. It has a natural pattern, soft texture, transparent opaque, depending on the characteristics of comfort. Its decorative effect than pattern glass, people feel fresh and elegant, is a new interior glass.

  5. Mirror glass

  Mirror mirror glass, glass surface by chemical (Silver mirror) or physical (aluminum) and other methods of forming strong reflectivity mirror reflection of the glass. Mirror glass has a three-tier structure, surface layer of glass, a middle layer of aluminum or silver film, back to paint at the bottom. In the decoration project, often using a mirror reflection, refraction to increase the sense of space and distance, or changing light effects.