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Glass door installation method

fanyumaoyi 2017-04-01 14:39:32
  With the progress of society, improvement of quality of life, for door selection is also more and more, because the door is our household faces, so many options, solid wood doors, solid wood doors, iron doors, and so on, then the glass door to how to install it? What installation method? Here, small talk about glass door installation method, I hope can help you.

  1, position, line: by a combination of fixed and movable glass doors glass doors, unified wire positioning. According to the requirements of the design and construction drawings, out the glass door line and determine the position door frames, accurately measure ground elevation and top of the door frame and horizontal elevation above sea level.

  2, top of the installation box limit slots: limit Groove width should be greater than the thickness of the glass 2-4mm slot 10-20mm. Installation, start with the elastic line in lead two metal decorative plate edge, then press the edges limit slots at the top of the door frame installation. Through the glued plate adjustment notches inside the Groove. Limit in addition to wood lining, a 1.5mm stencil, steel welded and aluminium made of stainless steel and other metal sections lining outsourcing.

  3, the installation of metal finishes bottom of wood: wood fixed to the ground, then use all-purpose glue metal facing panels, glued wood, and nail-embedded wood timber can be used directly on the bricks, or by the method of bolted connections fixed. If using aluminum square tube, aluminium corner box column can be used, or use wood screws buried into the ground on a wooden block.

  4, the installation of vertical door frame: play the Center wire nail State door frames timber and plywood to determine frames cylindrical shape and location. Final outsourcing metal decorative surface. When the package finishes to head seam finishes in install glass doors on both sides. Joint position must be accurate and ensure that vertical.

  5, the installation of glass:GlassChuck glass sucking thick tight, then holding the Chuck plate glass lifted from 2-3, move to the installation location. And then insert glass upper limit slots at the top of the door frame. And then put on hold the lower part of the glass. Glass bottom Align Center lines, sides seal the door frame edge just outside the metal seam, required to do see their internal and external finishes taking port.

  6, fixed glass: inside and outside at the bottom wood nailed two small wood strips caught in thick glass door, wood from the glass surface 4mm, and then brushing adhesive on wood, metal stick stuck on the wood finishes.

  7, and note glass rubber sealing: in top Department limited bit slot and bottom supporting slot mouth of sides, and thick glass and box column of on sewing at, the gap at, injected glass rubber sealing, note rubber Shi, by need note rubber of gap end head began, Shun gap uniform perfusion, makes glass rubber in gap outside formed a article surface uniform of line, with plastic tablets scraping to extra of glass rubber, and cloth wipe will rubber track.

  8, docking between the glass: glass door fixed parts when needed due to oversized mosaic glass, the seam to have 2-3mm the width of the glass edges are chamfered. Glass after being fixed to inject plastic glass, butt cracks. After filling with plastic film on the glass on both sides of the seam glue scraping, slit to form a clean uniform line, glass surfaces with a clean cloth to wipe the rubber track.

  9, movable glass door installation: door installation, ground and spring and door frame top the positioning pin installed, both must be coaxial, hanging plumb-line check when installing, make sure to spring hinges and pins on the center line in the same line.

  10, installation of glass doors and doors: metal doors are installed in the upper and lower glass doors at both ends, and measure the door height. If the door top and bottom margins of horizontal box and gaps in the floor exceeds the specified value, namely door high enough, but next door in the bottom of the glass mat wood splints.

  11, fixed-glass doors and doors: set the door height, the thick glass and metal up and down outside the doors on either side of the gap, insert small wooden bar, taps solid, and then in a small strip of wood, thick glass, injected into the gaps between the door glass rubber.

  12, and doors positioning installation: first will frames beam Shang of positioning pin with itself of regulation screws out beam plane 2mm; again will glass doors erected to, put doors Xia door clip within of turned pin connection pieces of hole bit alignment to spring of turned pin axis, and turned doors will hole bit sets into pin axis Shang; began Hou put doors turned 900 makes of and frames beam into right angle, put doors door clip in the of turned connection pieces of hole alignment frames beam Shang of positioning pin, regulation positioning pin of regulation screws, will positioning pin insert hole within 15mm around.

  13, the installation of glass door handle handle holes on the all-glass doors, when generally cutting glass processing to complete. Handles connections cannot be too tight when inserted into the hole should be slightly loose if inserted too loose, you can insert some soft tape around. Install the front part of the handle insert the glass a little plastic glass. Handle Assembly, the roots and the glass with sturdy, coupled with tightening screws, to ensure that the handle is not loose.
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