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Decorative glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-12
  Decorative glassFor a wonderful work in the glass processing, both at home and abroad in recent years, the rise of a new decorative material. Decorative glass with crystal clear, colorful and rich contemporary features, occupied the building and home decoration, two major markets in the area. Today, a variety of colorful decorative glass all over the world building, hotel, commercial buildings, entertainment centers and other large buildings and high-grade public places and has been widely used in the modern home.

  In other countries, development and application of new type decorative glass has become an extremely important issue. At present, developed production of glass deep processing of float glass has more than 70% be architectural and decorative glass market. These engraved glass chips in the original, spraying, plating process on further efforts to increase development and improving its product feature, decorative, efforts are being made to the functional, decorative, the series direction, complex combination of decorative glass, decorative glass, concave-convex ornamental glass and other new products have emerged. It is enough to show that new decorative glass abroad continue to emerge in recent years, its variety and functionality have increased.

  According to the survey, glass deep processing in China has risen to 30%, a huge potential market. Currently, glass processing in the of tempered glass, and laminated glass, and hollow glass, and plating film glass four varieties still accounted for main location, decorative glass of total is than above four varieties of number, but in recent years development is rapid, has from traditional of spray sand glass, and plating film glass,, development to painted glass, and screen printing glass, and stereo cast sand glass,, and are steering ice glass, and pressure spent wired glass, and process mosaic glass, of development application.

  It is well known that using decorative glass made from flat glass deep processing of raw products, earlier available only glass mirrors and glass, and have developed many new members of the family, such as mosaic stained glass, stereo Anaglyph glasses, showering colored glass, colored glaze, holo Rainbow glass tempered glass, safe and endless energy-saving glass, etc.

  Due to the high temperature melting of decoration glass using glass chips are processed and marketed, thus the nonpoisonous and tasteless, no radiation, is stable and does not pollute the environment, set the heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, insulation, and other functions in one, has been popular among the green building industry. Today, not only in the field of architecture and decorative glass is widely used in the modern home, and entered the furniture, automotive, marine, sports, entertainment, advertising and other areas, decorative glass has been in research and development, innovation, application forms, such as a boom. Experts predict that soon will form a huge space for development and a new round of competition in the market, extremely broad prospects for decorative glass.
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