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Double glazing water, fog, what should I do?

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-12
  Many people are experiencing this problem, two-tierGlassAfter flooding, when Sun radiation, internal rising fog. Into the dust, you will have a great influence on its lighting and beautiful.


  1. Without a pressure balance hole and drain hole open water caused by unreasonable or not, the moisture evaporates into a glass sandwich fog for a long time.

  2. Of every location is not reasonable. Separating strips along the edges around the glass paste, does not set aside a certain amount of clearance, this vulnerable to isolation in direct contact with the water, and after its adsorption, generated in the glass of water vapor.

  3. Glass does not close the seal, sealant not uniform on all sides are singles.


  1. As far as possible the use of insulating glass, hollow glass can greatly avoid the phenomenon.

  2. Glass should be installed gaskets, separating Strip layout must be located in the glass 1-2mm, away from the underside of the glass should be 3-4mm. To avoid isolation in contact with water, of course, should choose good quality, low water absorption of the septum as well.

  3. Glass sealed tight during operation should be careful in actual production in the major causes of the problems are caused by poor seals.

  4. Every bar in the bottom glass outer layer of gum separating strips can reduce exposure to rain.

  5. Pressure balance hole and drain hole opening is necessary.