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Deep processing of glass production and application

fanyumaoyi 2017-04-20 16:56:41
  , Domestic and international technology and development trends

  Along with construction, the automotive industry\'s development and the improvement of people\'s living space environment, higher demands on the glass. To

  To control the light, energy-saving, safe and reliable, regulate temperature, noise reduction, multifunctions such as cleaning up the environment. Ordinary glass has

  Not able to meet this requirement, only through physical and chemical processing technology for glass processing, make it new features and outstanding characteristics.

  Glass processing industry therefore developed a special focus on development, deep processing of glass production accounted for more than 60%, product variety series.

  Deep processing of glass products are widely used in construction, transportation, electronics, defence industry and other economic areas. Our glass deep

  Processing industries, after decades of development and achieved great progress. But compared with the advanced world level, there is a large gap. One is flat glass

  The processing rate of less than 15%; second, varieties abroad has hundreds of species, but only 10 or 20; third, processing technology and application

  Technology does not fit, not standard; four is the lack of application of regulations, regulations and standards. In construction, automotive, for example, foreign regular-production

  With a lightweight, energy-saving, high-security products, such as heat-reflective glass, low-e glass, lighting glass, water-repellent glass, thin tempered glass,

  Deep bendingLaminated glass, Electric glass. Many high-end and special-use products there is a gap, and had to rely on imports.

  Improve the level of deep processing of glass to meet the market demand, increase the added value of flat glass. Need to improve the development of deep processing of glass,

  Expanding the scope of the application deep processing of glass.

  Second, technology development goals and priorities

  Research and development of market need, gap of deep processing of glass and production of new technologies, new equipment, the rate of glass processing

  To 25%. Main range matching level of quality has reached advanced standards.

  Three main technical development of contents and index

  (A) the thin float glass production and processing;

  (B) the architectural energy-saving glass processing applications;

  (C) the feature film glass production, processing and application of new products;

  (D) the thin bullet-proof and burglar-proof glass processing and application.

  Four, economic, social and market prospects

  Through the development of deep processing of glass, you can expand the range of applications of glass, update the tradition of glass can be used to light increased

  The demand for plate glass, enhancing its added value. China\'s annual output of 160 million heavy boxes of flat glass, deep processing rate is increased from 15% to 25%,

  Billions of Yuan of added value. Through the development and use of energy-saving building glass, can reduce energy consumption of heating and cooling in the building, the socio-economic efficiency

  And more important. In addition, on the development of deep processing of glass varieties, to fill the gaps, for glass companies to provide a wide range of markets and competitiveness.
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