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Definition of heat absorbing glass

  • Author:fanyumaoyi
  • Source:chinamirrormanufacturer.com
  • Release on:2017-04-19
  Can absorb large amounts of infrared radiant energy and good visible light transmittanceFlat glassHeat absorbing glass.

  In transparent glass with a trace amount of metal oxide after, it becomes how much heat absorbing glass with color. Heat absorbing glass to absorb large amounts of infrared radiation. Heat absorbing glass by color-gray, Brown, blue, green, pink, gold, bronze, Brown, etc. According to the composition of silicate heat-absorbing glass, phosphate heat-absorbing glass, photochromic glass and coated glass.

  1, heat-absorbing glass characteristic

  (A) absorbs the Sun\'s radiant heat

  Heat absorbing glass colors and thicknesses, the absorption of solar radiation of varying degrees. According to Sun chose to use different colors in different areas of heat absorbing glass to reduce air conditioning costs in the summer. Such as 6mm blue heat absorbing glass can hold up to 45% per cent of solar radiation.

  (B) absorb the Sun\'s visible light

  Heat absorbing glass absorbed far more visible light than ordinary glass. 6mm thick glass through the Sun\'s visible light 78%, copper-coated glass of the same thickness can only be through the Sun\'s 26%. This character of heat absorbing glass, you can make the glare of the Sun gentle, plays a good role and glare. Especially during the hot summer days can effectively improve the indoor color makes people feel comfortable and cool.

  (C) absorbs the Sun\'s ultraviolet rays

  Heat absorbing glass in addition to absorbing infra-red, but can also significantly reduce the harm to the human body and the objects from the UV transmission can prevent UV radiation on indoor furniture, household appliances, goods, books and other effects of fading and deterioration.

  In addition, heat absorbing glass also has a certain degree of transparency, to clearly observe the outdoor landscape, color enduring change.

  2, heat-absorbing glass

  Heat absorbing glass in construction widely. Requires both light and heat are can be used. Especially in hot areas buildings need air-conditioning, to avoid glare Windows and doors or outer wall, and the train, bus, boat windshields, insulation, air conditioning, anti-glare effects. Heat absorbing glass of various colors, not only can the rational use of sunlight, adjust the temperature within the room or vehicle, save energy costs, and can create a comfortable environment.

  In addition, can be processed according to their different uses, made of laminated,Insulating glassProducts such as, heat insulation effect is particularly significant.

  3, heat-absorbing glass

  Heat absorbing glass has control light and heat energy through the main performance, and to observe the effects of object color clarity without obvious. Such as 6mm blue heat-absorbing glass, 28℃ in coefficient of expansion for 8~9x10-6, its crystallization temperature for 945, visible light transmittance 59%.

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