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Do not know the knowledge of dimming glass

  • Author:Fanyu
  • Source:Www.glass.com.cn
  • Release on:2018-06-01
Dimming glass is a new type of special photoelectric glass product with a laminated structure in which the liquid crystal film is compounded into the middle of the two layers of glass and is integrally molded by high temperature and high pressure. The user controls the transparent and opaque state of the glass by controlling the on and off of the current. The glass itself not only has the characteristics of all safety glass, but also has the privacy protection function of controlling the transparency of the glass. Due to the characteristics of the liquid crystal film sandwich, the dimming glass can also be used as a projection screen, instead of a common curtain, an HD picture is presented on the glass. image.
Dimming glass
When the dimming glass is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules in the electrically-controlled dimming glass will be in an irregular distribution state. At this time, the electrically-controlled glass presents a translucent and opaque appearance; when the dimming glass is energized, the liquid crystal inside The molecules are arranged neatly and the light can penetrate freely. At this moment, the dimming glass instantly shows a transparent state.
The control mode can be artificial light, artificial light, light-controlled dimming, voice-activated light, temperature-controlled light, remote control switch, remote network control, and can be freely combined according to customer requirements.